Anyone ever used Ergon clear fitting thingy?

I had my cleats professionally fitted but my fitting guy will be back in town in a month. Looks interesting…

Yeap, I had mine professionally fitted but have these (MTB SPD and Look) great for changing cleats and making sure old = new

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Cool. So, can it be easily done then ? Even if it’s two totally different road shoes ?

I’d say so, I went from Mavic to Giro, and basically just followed the instructions

Put the stickers on the old shoes (on the socket for the big toe) which gives you the pedal axle alignment, you the transfer the same measurements to the new shoes (pedal axle alignment and shoe angle) job done

Yes, I’ve used it and it works great. I’ve used it for putting new cleats on the same shoes, as well as switching cleats to a new pair of shoes.

I’ve always used a tape measure, ruler and some blue painters tape to mark locations. With floating cleats you don’t have to be extremely precise.