Garmin Counting Zero's Rides vs Not Counting Zero's Rides?

Hey guys,

I’m trying to compare my power numbers from today vs a year ago. However, unbeknown to me, my Garmin Edge 830 was originally set to not count zero’s in my avg power (I changed it to count zero’s a few months ago). Now looking back a year I’m trying to figure out how to compare my best numbers from now vs then. Any idea how I can do this?


I haven’t looked at the FIT file’s recorded power when Edge is configured to not count zeros.

Perhaps it is as simple as using another platform’s analytics to review average power?

also I think if you have auto-pause enabled, on any bike computer, that will lead to the same issue.

For example in TrainingPeaks this is listed as 3rd highest 90-minute power:

and then clicking to view:

Its not 90 minutes, it is about 109 minutes. Because of auto-pause.

And if you pull up a MeanMax Power (MMP) curve in WKO5 or Intervals, you’ll see 219W for 90 minutes:

The advantage of using WKO5 is you can create such a query (“meanmax(power, 5400)”) and it returns this:


which puts 90-minute power not at 246W (with auto-pause), but rather 219W as the MMP will add back zeros in between laps.

And that makes it easy to compare all-time Peak Performances:


no matter if there is missing data due to auto-pause, or as I suspect, the related situation where the bike computer is configured to not record zero power values.

At some point I made sure to disable auto-pause on all rides, to allow for easier comparison. But I have a lot of data with auto-pause data - both recorded on a bike computer and recorded on TrainerRoad (with its default of auto-pausing).

I haven’t looked very far, but WKO is my go-to tool for analytics. I can’t easily see how to do that in Intervals.

Hope that helps.

I tried looking at Strava which typically reports different numbers to Garmin Connect but haven’t seemed to get a definitive answer. I’ll try training peaks or maybe intervals.


OK thanks mate. Not familiar with WKO but will google it. I guess I just have to import the two .fit files.

If you only want to compare two files, you can do that in Garmin Connect or Intervals or …
For example 60 second power is 278W from an activity last week:

That likely didn’t have any stops or zero power, it was just an example.

And for that activity I posted earlier on Garmin Connect:

but Garmin only lets me show 1 hour or 2 hour power on that curve.

And on Strava:

You might need Strava premium for that, and for quick&dirty analysis.

I actually prefer Strava premium + Sauce browser extension (vs Intervals):

You can tell Sauce the durations to show under peak power, no need to use the mouse to get to 90 minutes, its right there in the drop-down.

I’m pretty sure you can set to not count zeros in the average. It was the default setting until a few months ago. Best bet would be to make an account, sync to Strava, figure out the settings then compare.

If there isn’t an easy setting to toggle, tells you avg with zeros (current default) plus ‘percent of time coasting’ (ie percent of time at zero). Just divide the average power with zeros by (1- % coasting).

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I have Strava Premium ans Sauce. I just assume for the earlier ride it’s not counting the zero’s over a 4 hour race. I’m not positive but also don’t know how to be sure.

Strava power curve - from what little I’ve seen will zero fill any missing data. Pretty easy to see that if you have auto pause enabled and stop for 2-3 minutes at a traffic light, or to refill water, buy food, etc.

First thing I do with any recording device/app - Garmin, RGT, Zwift, TR - is to disable auto pause. Record everything from start to finish.

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