Thule roof mounted bike carriers

Hi all, wondering if anyone has experience with the Thule proride bike carriers mounted to the Thule Wingbar Edge roof bars? Wondering if I can fit three bike carriers to the Wingbar Edge bars, which are lees wide (95 cm) than the Wingbar Evo bars (127 cm). I know they can be fitted so that the middle bike is facing opposite the outer ones, but still not sure it that would allow three mountain bikes (with up to 80cm bars each) to fit.

Any thoughts or experience greatly appreciated

Put the three bikes next to each other on the floor and measure. It’s most likely not the bars that are the problem, but things like chainstays hitting forks etc.

It will be tight.
I just measured my bike from pedal to pedal. 330mm roughly.
There’s a bit of an offset for the center of the Prorack, so it’s hard to estimate without throwing the rack on.
I can throw it on in the morning to check if need be.

Thanks Rosscopeco. Don’t go to the bother. Consensus seems it’s gonna be tight Cheers