BikeBoxAlan in the US? Or other case suggestions

Looking to get a bike case for my 56 di2/disc Tarmac as I will use it in the future.

Bikeboxalan look really good and wondering if they sell to the US? I emailed them and will wait but wondering if anyone else knows.

The other cases that caught my eye are evoc pro (soft case), thule and topeak pakgo.

I looked into them for buying and shipping to Canada and they do BUT the shipping is hugely expensive and I was worried about customs fees and duties at this end too. If you add one to your cart and continue through to the shipping portion (before you actually purchase) you can see how much the shipping is likely to be.

I think I’d go for the Scicon Aerotech. It’s a good brand and cheaper than the Bigboxalan.

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ProBikeKit sell in the US? Their box is similar to the Alan and identical to some others in the market but you can get it with various offers for as little at £170

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I bought a BikeBoxAlan last summer and they shipped to the US. The shipping was around $120 from the UK to Colorado.

I purchased one a few years ago. They shipped it to Texas, wasn’t insane, I think around $100 maybe even less than that.

@SDooley. How is it and what do you think?

So far so good. Pretty easy to pack, only downside is sometimes the clasps are a little hard to line up when closing it. I’ve shipped it using BikeFlights and flown with it and had zero issues.

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It’s been great. I have a 54cm tribike. I have to remove the derailleur and fold the bars over. Easy to pack with plenty of space to throw other items in the box. Very easy to wheel around the airport. Only problem I ever had was when it got stuck on the conveyor belt at DF/W airport b/c the handlers laid it down incorrectly. I’d buy another one. The hard case and crush bar just puts my mind at ease.

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Thanks and appreciate it. I just got a 56 Tarmac and would take the derailer off as well. Travel quite a bit (well before coronavirus) and always wanted to take my bike with me.

What model did you get??

Please let me know if anyone find a hardcase that allows for disc tubeless wheelsets. The Scicon Aerotech I have if fine with disc wheelsets, but the tires must be 100% deflated to fit in the wheel spaces. I’ve been lucky to reseat the tubeless at my destination with a small pump but ideally I’d like to leave some air in the tires to keep the beads seated while the wheels are in the case. This would also prevent sealant from leaking out, a problem that can happen when the tires are fully deflated.

The Stealth Sport, it’s a little bigger than I thought it would be, but wheeling it around the airport was super easy.

Thanks. I thought about the premium but just looked at the stealth and it has all of the extras i would have ordered anyway. Like the lock, pull strap, etc.

It’s an airline regulation to deflate tires, so even if they fit in your case semi-inflated you will always run the risk that airline security will deflate them anyway.

I get that, and I’ll take my chances, I’m not referring to fully inflated, just enough to seal the bead.