Three Peaks Falls Creek

Just a follow up with users who completed Three peaks this year. (235km 4300m+ climbing) There were a few threads over the last few months with questions about training and pacing.

So interested to see how it worked out, what training you followed, or anything you would have done different.

I rode it for the first time and had a really great day, my training and nutrition came together perfectly. I vigiliently followed the TR plans.

Only thing really lacking for me was ability to descend wet roads safely.

My only gripe with the TR plans was the final week of the Century specialty plan I think could be better.


I didn’t do any specific training. I did one long ride in the preceding 6 months, Warrnambool to Port Campbell return - 120km.

I was trying to get Dad over Mt Hotham in time (literally pushing him), but I didn’t start early enough. We got to the summit at 13:20 and I missed the Dinner Plains cutoff by a couple of minutes, so I had to keep on trucking. I bummed an energy bar from another rider and made up an hour on the time limit over the second half. I’m interested to know what I could actually do, especially since my power meter died an hour in.

It’s a great event, a spectacular course and extremely well run. Would recommend.

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Good work, what time did you get? I didn’t ride this year, but did see the weather was pretty bad.

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Not quite on your previous time(by memory). I started the with the 10hr group, left them at Tawonga. It was very cold and wet, I think about 188 riders pulled out or were pulled out at the lunch stop, presumably from the cold.

I Finished 9hr18, which put me in top 9% for the day.

I think had I gone out with the 9hr group, I could have sat in quicker pace lines, as opposed to riding solo frequently.

If anyone wants to do a cheaper version of that ride, you can do AUDAX 250. That one is run on the Australia Day and starts and finishes in Bright.

I believe the Audax version is more difficult as you ride Back of Falls and Tawonga in temperatures well into 40s.

I’d take this over cold and wet any day.

I did the inaugural 3 peaks (before the back of falls was even paved… used to be horrible gravel) over a decade ago.

The weather was so bad they made people sign waivers at Dinner Plain before continuing.

It’ll only ever be Audax (or 7 peaks) for me from now on.

Go up to Bright for a mid-week 4 night stay. Wake up with the dawn. Have a coffee. Pick a climb. Either ride to it from Bright (e.g. Buffalo) or drive to the base (Harrietville for Hotham or Mt Beauty for Falls Creek) and do the climb. Finish mid-to-late morning. Coffee up top. Enjoy the descent. Lunch in Bright followed by a dip in the river and a snooze. Pub for a few drinks and dinner. Wake up next morning, do it again.

You appreciate the mountains so much more mid-week. Barely any traffic, can choose good weather/time… quiet… and much safer.