Thoughts on Quintana Roo's SRfive?

I’m curious if anyone has any experience with this bike. The price seems to line up with other offerings of similar spec, so it mostly comes down to the frame, I guess. With that, it’s a bit slacker head tube than a lot of aero road bikes, I think?

I do like the t47 BB instead of PF.

The 105 a decent price but the jump in price between the 105 and ultegra ouch.

It looks like the jump is due to the group + wheel change. If you put the same wheels on the 105 and the Ultegra di2 options, you come out to about $1650 difference which is in line with what merlin would charge.

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Rumor has it QR is pretty cool with customizations, so I assume one could save a few bucks by asking for the Ultegra spec sans (or with cheap) wheels, and just byo pre-existing wheels.

Not sure if that’s a selling point, but worth considering.

I’m honestly just more curious about the frame. I don’t know anyone that has one, and they seem to be direct order, so a test ride would be tough to come by.

And if we’re all in aero, how does it compare to other aero bikes if you put fast wheels on it?

So many questions, hard to find answers.

I have a QR PRfive (tri bike) and love it. Rides great, easy to work on, fast. Customization through them, or who works closely with QR, is very easy. It’s cool that you can get any frame colour and logo colour combo you could want.

SRfive is on my list for my next road bike but my ONLY concern is potential resale value. QR is and always has been a triathlon brand. This is their first foray into road bikes so most roadies will either not know the name, or not want to be associated with a tri brand, so the resale audience may be smaller. Not a deal breaker for me though.

PS- I wish T47 was an option when I got my PRfive, but my PF has had no issues.

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Fair point about resale. Just wish I could test ride one.

Reviews are unfortunately hard to come by. I’m in the market for a new bike, and QR is currently on a good sale through team, making it a price hard to beat for a Di2 with HED wheels. I did notice the geometry is potentially a bit more relaxed, with reach being a touch shorter than my current bike (1cm), but I can work with that. Following for more input :slight_smile:

QR is one of the only bikes I’ve ever been actively unimpressed by. Their OEM pieces and general fit and finish looked very meh on all the demo bikes I’ve seen at races.

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I’ve been searching for opinions on it also, but couldn’t find much. I went ahead and took the leap and ordered one Black Friday weekend. I went with ultegra Di2, HED Vanquish 6, with the Rotor INpower totaling $5800. We’ll see how it rides, I’m excited and nervous. The customer service says there is a 30 day return policy, no charge. My curiosity got the best of me, worst case I’ll ship it back.

My list was electronic shifting, disc brakes, full integration ( I like the looks), 50-60mm wheels, powermeter for around $5-6k.

I’m going from a 2015 SWorks Tarmac, so the ride will be different. The geometry seems to more endurance type, but not quite Roubaix.

Its supposed to ship before the end of the year.

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Have you received it yet? I’m looking for some real world feedback but reviews on the bike are sparse. I really like the clean look of the cockpit but I’m a bit concerned about how relaxed the geometry seems to be. I’ve worked myself into a pretty aero/aggressive position on my current bike and wouldn’t want to give that up.

No not yet. It’s supposed to ship this week. I’ll give update when it comes in for sure.

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Geometry chart looks more like an all around style bike to me, such as a Supersix or Emonda.

Just got a notification that it’ll be delivered Jan 13.

Just got delivered this past week. I’m not sure how to portray this, since this is by far the nicest bike I’ve ever been on, but everything about it is so nice. Went out for 15 miles the day I got it then 90 yesterday and am in love with it. I just adjusted the saddle to match my previous road bike fit, but havent adjusted anything else yet.


Definitely looks sharp.

Mine came in yesterday, took it out for a short ride today. The only thing I’ve adjusted is the saddle, but overall so far its comfortable, rides great, felt smooth punching up a couple of hills. I usually ride on the hoods with arms at 90 degrees and I didn’t feel as if I had to break position (primarily because my Tarmac was a size tad too big and different geometry). When I bought it, I thought I was going to be crit racer. Now I’m in the “DIRT” club doing fondos and charity rides. Definitely plan do a tire swap when the weather warms up and tinker with the fit some more. I think I’ll name it “Black n Mild” based on color and that its geometry in between a race and endurance bike. @Sweatyzach looks good! @Lou26 @sasa @cujo


Now that you’ve had some time on your QR, are you still enjoying it? I have a few general concerns with it and the other bikes I’m considering are the Canyon Ultimate, Canyon Aeroroad (neither one is available), the Cervelo R series, or the Cervelo S Series. I currently ride 2008 Cervelo R3, which is likely one of the lightest frames out there. I’d be looking at Ultegra Di2 build on all of these options.

  1. Weight - this doesn’t seem the be heaviest frame out there, but it’s no light weight. How does it climb?
  2. Geometry - the QR has a tall head tube and more relaxed geometry compared to others. I don’t want an endurance style fit. I want something I could race on if I chose to, but also one that I can do long century/fondo style events in relative comfort but still fast.
  3. Resale - I’m former triathlete so know about QR, but worry about resale of a brand that’s really known as tri central.
    I’ve heard nothing but good things about the SR5, but this has been from triathletes that for most part already own a QR. I’m a Cervelo girl as they’ve always fit me very very well. But I love the color scheme customization, and the fact I could receive a bike before summer as opposed to almost any other bike out there (I’m a 48, so hard to find any small sizes in stock anywhere).

Still absolutely loving this bike. Comfortable, fast, rolls great, etc. I’m using it more as an aero endurance bike than I am an aero bike.

  1. Climbs fine for me, but I’m a heavier guy (195 lbs) so my body weight fluctuates more than what a lightweight frame would be, so I’m not sure I would notice a few pounds here or there.
  2. Geometry comes a bit more endurance for sure. With the integrated stem/bars, if you want to move it down any more than 0.5 cm you will need to cut the steerer tube so everything can fit back in the stem. I took out that 0.5 cm and am debating having it cut to move it further down.
  3. I have not resold this bike, so can’t comment on it (ha!), but high quality components and wheels are pretty universal. I don’t have any concerns about that.
    The customization was a nice feature, as no one else has this bike. It was also hand delivered relatively quickly, all things considered. Let me know if there are other specific questions. I’m extremely happy with my purchase.
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Thanks so much for the feedback! I really appreciate your input for sure!

The taller head tube is what concerns me likely more than anything. But it sounds like if you had to, you could make it shorter. I just don’t have a local shop that would be willing to do this since bike wasn’t purchased from them or brand they carry.

So tough to decide sight unseen but their return policy is certainly reassuring!

I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

Thanks again!

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Hey @synapse4tree

Just wondering after some time on the QR how it’s working out for you. How does it handle compared to the Tarmac? Does geometry feel too relaxed for you?

I’ve been eyeing the SR5 but have some concerns about the fit being too upright for what I’m looking for. But nothing else is available in these cool color schemes with same components etc before summer.

Would love any additional feedback you may have. For reference, I ride 2008 Cervelo R3 and am looking at the Canyon Ultimate, Aeroroad, or another cervelo R or S series. Size 48.

Thanks so much!