Thoughts on Quintana Roo's SRfive?

Hey @Malex5gd. I’d love to give you a more detailed review, but I’ve only been outside on it three (hour long) rides due to weather, daylight, and work. Spring is hopefully around the corner that I can get some more miles on it. So on the trainer on Zwift its amazing!!!

I don’t think its too relaxed, but that’s subjective. As the other owner was saying, I’d agree with more of aero endurance. I felt a little stretched out on my Tarmac and felt like I couldn’t ride in the aero position as long when compared to this one. I plan to tinker with the spacers when I can get more outside miles. While searching I used the bike geometry to compare a bunch of the bikes I was interested in, compared to what I had.

I was in your situation, trying to find a bike with the specs, color, and delivery date. Their warranty and return period gave me some assurance when buying. You could definitely trim the steerer tube at home. I’m still happy with my order and no thoughts of selling it. Hope this helps, meant to respond sooner, but got sidetracked.

No worries on the delay.

I appreciate your feedback for sure. I know it’s hard to really get a good feel for a bike without outdoor miles, but I think you’d also know if it just wasn’t going to work for whatever reason. So that’s a good sign in my book!

I’ve been emailing w them, so may take the plunge.

Thanks again for the response!!

Hey @Malex5gd . I got some good outdoor rides in recently and I LOVE everything about it. My only gripe is that I wish I hadn’t ordered the Rotor InPower powermeter. Its trends right inline when compared to some Powertap P1S pedals from my old bike, except that it clips my sprint efforts. Its not a biggie, but I just a little annoying. I should have bought some other pedals or a quarq separately.

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Thanks so much for the feedback @synapse4tree! I haven’t pulled plug with anything yet so this is good information. And also helpful powermeter comments - I currently use pedal system but was considering their system as I’ve had quarq in past.

They just released the SRsix so of course there’s part of me that would want to go that route - but it’s likely out of price range so knowing you’re happy w SRfive is awesome!

the seat post on my 6yr old bike seized. took it to a local shop and the seat tube developed a bulge. i can no longer ride the bike. i ordered an SR5 (should be here in 4 weeks) but local bike shop owner told me QRs are no good, he had trouble selling them, any warranty work requires the bike to be shipped to QR, etc. the reviews i’ve seen so far have been pretty good. the bike was recommended to me by a local racer that also coaches and does retul bike fits. Anyone have any experience/thoughts – positive or negative??


I have not had that experience, I’ve only had one QR (PR5) but I haven’t really had any issues with it. I haven’t had to deal with the warranty on the bike itself, but they were plenty easy to deal with, through my LBS. That shop sells a fair number of QR’s and is quite positive on them. Up to the SR5 they were all in on tri bikes, so maybe your shop just had trouble selling them because of that? The shop I go to is very tri focused so I’m sure that helps them move the bikes. My bike also been great, so really wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a QR.

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I had the chance to demo one last week. It’s not a bad bike but I wouldn’t buy one.
Being their first delve into the aero road bike scene QR did a good job. Something holds this bike back, maybe the weight coupled with the not as aggressive geometry. It is a tad heavy but it does hold its speed very well on straights and I must admit probably as well as my Venge Vias I used to own. The only thing is getting it up to speed because the frame is a little heavier than my SL7, but once you do hold on tight because it turns into a rocket ship!
With all that being said this is QR’s first aero road bike so I think they will be a player in 3-5 years or so after a few iterations. Another reason I wouldn’t buy one now is because of the resale value. It won’t hold the same value in the road bike community being it’s made by a company synonymous with tri-bikes.
That’s my review! :joy:


I’m still loving mine. I’ve yet to use the warranty, so I can’t comment on that (hopefully wont have to). They probably are hard to move in bike shops, because its a tri company and not popular in the road bike market. Honestly, I was extremely hesitant before I bought mine and contemplated it for days. But it was the decision of waiting months on something that I wasn’t sure I could get or take the plunge with this. Worst case is I would hate it and send it back. I’m definitely all for supporting LBS, but they didn’t have available what I wanted for money I wanted to spend. I still had my old bike to ride. Some times the best “ability” is availability.

Resale value wasn’t a concern of mine, in 6 or 7 years most things take a hit on value. Its a product that’ll be used with wear and tear. I’ve gotten over the stigma of what people will think when I show up with it and most ask a lot of questions about it. Its not as aggressive as my old Tarmac and slightly heavier compared to the SL7s and others. However, I can hold my aero position for longer which in turn leads to me riding faster.

After months of riding, I wish I had ordered it with a slightly narrower handlebar setup, but that’s about it. Its definitely comfortable and plenty fast.

Hi all,

Just wanted to chime in after riding my new SR6 several times. The bike is definitely on the heavier side and not as aggressive as many other bikes I was looking at and also relative to what I’m used to riding. This was a huge concern of mine, and I can say I don’t think the weight is really a big issue. Rolling resistance is the biggest factor in moving a bike forward, so frame weight is less of a factor. That said, I did put high end wheels on there, and I’m happy with this decision.
I have not been overly happy with the less aggressive fit as I’m frankly more comfortable w a lower front end. I have a bad back and ironically the more flexed forward I am, the better it feels. So I’m having a LBS lower the front end for me by about 1 inch. I’m hoping that tweak is going to help me really love the bike the way I want to.
As others have said, I debated for months about this purchase. But I wanted a bike that I could ride this year, not 6-12 months from now. I wanted a bike that had really nice components at a price point I could afford. And I know QRs aren’t the highest quality frames out there, but they are all over the Tri world and people wouldn’t continue buying them if they had horrible reputation. I liked the fact I was supporting an American brand, and there was a bike shop within 30’ of me that deals with QR’s and could help out with warranty issues and repairs when my closest bike shops won’t because they don’t carry the brand. I had concerns about resale value too, but that’s also why I put nicest components on I could afford, and I hope to ride it for years so that resale value is kind of a moot point.
Hope that helps anyone with their decision making process!