The World Famous Tuna Canyon Descent

What goes up must come down! Tuna Canyon is a technical descent in L.A made famous by Safa Brian with some epic views of the pacific ocean. It’s the only time I’ll hit 50mph+


First time I did Tuna I overcooked one of the hairpins and smashed straight into the rock face.

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Nice :sunglasses:

I’ve watched numerous videos of that descent over the years (including many from Safa) and it never ceases to amaze and scare me in equal measure.

I missed the opportunity to ride it myself in 2019 when I had a short PA visit - route took me the other way towards Cornell.

May need to find an excuse to make another trip back out there next year :love_you_gesture:t2:

I’ve never heard of it but it looks sweet but I am one of those weird idiots who would prefer to go up it :joy:

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Agreed. Except you can’t climb Tuna because the bottom half is one way (down) which is in part why it’s special as you have the whole road to yourself.


Oh I like the sound of that. I cant fully relax on a descent as practically every time I start too I go round and meet a cart/ lorry, particularly on narrow roads for some reason. Not a long descent but I miss loops of Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh, its decent down through the park is one way and there’s a decent climb too :+1: Edit and IIRC cars are banned altogether at certain times.

Five Kilometre ride around Arthur’s Seat Edinburgh, Scotland - YouTube

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Great video….would love to give that a rip someday.

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