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Toss up what’s making your jaw hit the floor.

Descent Disciples vol. 7

That corner at 4:40 is a hot one.

About 20 years ago (in my teens), I would have thought this was cool. Now I just think it’s idiotic and hope for the best no innocent parties get caught up in one of their (inevitable) accidents…


only cycling?

Anything you want.

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holy shit, that’s insane :no_mouth: looks way faster than they were actually going

This is pretty impressive!

He didn’t even get the KOM so is he really a descending disciple?


ok …gotta say Isle Of Man TT takes the cake, I don’t even know how something like that’s even possible

random rally video I could find, not sure who’s more insane, drivers or spectators

and finally wingsuit proximity flights

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Old but still a beauty to watch



Heres a wingsuit one for you with a nice close pass

I don’t know if it’s the video I like or just the song haha

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both! mindblowing …there’s also a nice documentary about that guy before the whole wingsuit thing blew up. oh, and he clipped his knees jumping off of table mountain

It’s just mental

How do you get into it? Riding a bike you have stabilizes and build up the speed… wing suit… here you go mate jump off this ledge with me and stick your arms out

It’s a long way down you’ll soon work out how to steer…

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Alex Honnold needs a mention, too :wink:


and no wigggle room for errors or testing your limits

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Its jumping in at the deep end on a serious level

Yeah Alex definitely needs a mention

Free solo made me sweat… and I already knew the outcome


ha! same :slight_smile:

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:joy: sorry, I got more

(dude’s crazy)

ok, last 3

Group B!

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