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What cycling books you been reading or recommend?

I have been reading the 1st edition of Greg LeMond’s Complete Book of Cycling on the Internet Archive. It’s provided a lot of insights on how cycling used to be, although obviously most of the information is out of date (he suggests counting your pulse and cadence manually while riding to determine proper gearing and effort levels!).

Interestingly, I measured my inseam and my saddle height and found that I had been riding basically down to the millimeter exactly what the LeMond formula (actually the Guimard formula), although that formula assumes you are using 175 mm cranks, Campagnolo toe clip pedals, and thick old fashioned shoes.

If someone made a similar book with slightly more concise writing, more figures and illustrations, and up to date information (with some historical context about how the way things used to be), it would be a great resource for new cyclists.

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