The true cost of indoor training

…No tan lines. :rofl:

Alas I am mostly a melanin free zone. After lockdown some of my riding buddies are definitely looking a bit peaky…

How are ye all doing on that score?

Anyone setting up the tanning lights in the pain caves to get some UV hardness training in?


I’m already almost fully tan, Finished my program in April and been outside since, supplementing with inside. Got a century at the shore tomorrow where I’ll pick up all the remaining color. There is a beautiful world out there, go ride it


As I said I am melanin free… no tans for me, ever. I do get tan lines where the transitions are just like those old pre-homogenised milk bottles. Bless you if you have managed to get out that much. I have only been out a couple of weeks now… one week of sporadic sun followed by the usual north European dreck. I did manage a redneck weeding the garden though…

No tan lines is a benefit to me or indoor training. I tan pretty easy, but my skin naturally has an olive complexion. But I have developed some minor spots of vitiligo over the past several years and being tan makes it more noticeable. :worried:

I can count on 2 hands the number of outdoor rides I’ve done this year. I’ve still got a little bit of a tan from last year somehow. I’m supplementing vitamin D still - I thought I’d have stopped come April…

I really wanted to get outside tomorrow, as we finally have some nice weather back, but from a scheduling point of view, I really should FTP test tomorrow or Sunday…

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Maybe go have some fun instead?


Pretty good actually. If it rains, I just get myself some spray tan…


That’s a very fluffy puddle you rode through… :sweat_smile:


Oh dear… not good. … What’s the opposite of a thumbs up for a post?

It’s really not that bad for me, at least so far. Only on a few spots on forearms and 4 fingers that haven’t grown in 3 years. I suspect I have some on my inner thigh, but that is actually light enough that I can’t tell. A couple of small spots on my abdomen and back. None on my face or neck. Treatments are limited, but more effective treatments may perhaps materialize with time and proper FDA approval and some have proven to reverse even severe cases. Either way, I’m vain and would be bummed if it got worse quickly, but there are worse things and I’ll adjust.

I suppose a couple of hours Z2 with say 3 or 4 KOM attempts (primers?!) would be ok as long as I have an actual Z2 ride Sunday and Monday off.

Get yourself some Peloton windows to workout in front of, and then go “full Cippolini.”

My mentality is different. I suffer inside during the months when it’s too cold to ride outside, so I can smash it when the weather gets good. I see guys right now starting plans, for what? To be couped up inside all summer and be ready for what in the fall, the races that are probably not happening? It just doesn’t make sense to me, suffer in the winter and enjoy the fruits of your labor the rest of the year. If people never ride outside, or ride outside 10x a year like some say, what are you even training indoors for?

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You like X I like Y, all good were still pedaling!


Because some people enjoy it?

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I can’t get outside regularly for rides during the week, regardless of the weather. So, I ride the trainer to increase my fitness so I have more fun when I do get the chance to ride outside (more than 10x a year, but probably not more than 50x a year). That, and I look forward to the trainer rides anyway. Crushing myself all the time isn’t great, but 90% of the time I enjoy it, it is my opportunity to watch TV, and it is satisfying seeing those numbers goes up.



I totally get it - last year I was outdoors all year (even throughout winter) on no structure. I had fun and made some noob gains. At the moment I’m getting stronger than ever, and am feeling very motivated by the gains I’m making.

While I can’t ride with others, I feel like I may as well make the most of it. Whenever things return to normal (or just next winter), I’ll start from a higher platform. I was supposed to be racing this year - my first race was a week away when it was cancelled.

Weather depending, I will be outside tomorrow. Fast wheels on, segments on the Garmin :grin:

exposed! You’ve found the real reason I choose to ride outside!

50spf and 2 hour evening rides… and yet I’m shopping for long finger summer gloves?!

Ha. Won’t let anyone with SPF. 50 on or near my bike or car. It just grinds away the finish. Daughter rolled on the hood as a nipper of the last car and thrashed it. SPF 30 more than enough. Sorry that was a rant. I do beg your pardon.