The Rift 2023 Entry Transfer

Hey guys!

I have an entry for this year’s Rift Gravel Race that I, unfortunately, can’t attend due to work commitments - wondering if there’s anyone interested in the entry and I can transfer over to them!

Feel free to comment below or shoot me an email at!



Not sure if you’re on facebook but there are lots of folk swapping entries around in The Rift’s facebook group. Just in case you don’t have any luck here - I know the deadline is coming up!

I have a spot on the 200km available too!

A change in family circumstances means I can no longer make it, so if anyone wants it then hit me up! I don’t want my entry to go to waste, so $185 and it’s yours!

Really wish there was a waiting list for this event, especially as they don’t allow refunds :sweat_smile:

My email is cal_raeAThotmailDOTcom.