The Rift 2021 (Iceland gravel race)

What an epic, epic day. Iceland did not offer any mercy from the elements. After 80k every turn was into headwind.

This picture taken sometime in the latter stages of the ride sort of says it all.


My stretch goal was sub 9. Ended up with 9:43 and I’ll happily take it, given the conditions.

Great event. Great comeradery. Fully recommend.


Good job out there! It was cool to meet you and your crew. That was a really tough and rewarding day.
The course and weather did not disappoint. The aid stations, volunteers and race organizers were excellent.

At the finish I thought I went sub-9 but ended up 9:05. Finished the last 50km with some really friendly people that kept the motivation high. Otherwise I would have been alone in those head and crosswinds.