The progression of CADENCE:POWER during a workout or interval

Hey All,

One thing that jumped out in a big way today as I was progressing through the workout Beech (an hour endurance workout with long intervals) was how my CADENCE:POWER would change over time. For exmaple at the start of one interval I dialed in a certain cadence and gearing to stay on target. I then focused solely on target power. Later in the workout I returned to my cadence and almost invariably I would be spinning a lower cadence that my earlier established cadence. I can spin mindlessly and comfortably up to around the upper 90s and need to focus on things above that. With focus I am okay up to 105 maybe 110 and then things fall apart after that (though I can hit about 140-150 in a form sprint).

Is this something you notice in your workouts as well?

My hypothesis is that as I start a workout my muscles and mind are a dorky shadow of themselves but eventually get their act together and all work together better as the workout progresses.