The problem with Zwift

I really enjoy doing my TR workouts while also riding in Zwift. Just one problem… After passing a bunch climbing AdZ during the 21 mins of over/unders and tempo… with 0.4 miles left to the summit… going into cool down mode… I simply had to switch to resistance mode to keep them from catching me. Then how could I not enjoy the almost 50mph descent? LOL


Coast…it is probably faster due to the supertuck and you still get the XP. :crazy_face:


Nice over to finish the climb!

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Your yellow line is the reason TrainerRoad has a viable business…no one wants to get faster to get caught or dropped.


Change to metric - you’ll level up quicker :+1:


i also do the joint TR and zwift. i however lack f*&ks to give when it comes to getting caught and passed :rofl:


Except when I’m racing along in a VO2 max interval and I tell myself that everyone is probably really really impressed and thinks that I always go that fast.
The same people have hopefully forgotten all about me when they pass me doing 150W in the rest periods…


I too run TR and Zwift together and I’ve also been known to extend a TR workout when I’m close to achieving something in Zwift. But, I ride for me when using TR in Zwift and don’t care about what other Zwifters are doing.


People I ride with use Zwift now and again, they hit 20mph averages and sometimes much higher (23mph), but they rarely hit 18mph in the real world… is it a problem with Zwift or their trainer/set up? (one has Tacx and a few have Wahoo’s)


Zwift is set so you always have a trail wind.


I don’t do Zwift but I do do RGT and there’s no wind resistance and you can focus on pedalling without using energy so stay upright, its easier to do a higher speed indoors, especially down virtual hills. RGT has some physics to control how you go round a bend but I don’t think there’s any in Zwift and you fly round the bends tron like.

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I was embarrassed with my TR speed reported to Strava, I’ve added on 60lbs to my weight in TR and i think its more realistic. (obviously brought my TR w/kg down but i can live with that as long as i remember in years to come what i done :grin:)

Do people look at avg speed still? I stopped caring a long time ago now that I have power


I do… the wahoo power’s seem inflated, and Tacx seem underestimated (with people i know).

How do you run both TR and Zwift simultaneously? I am a 100% devoted TR guy, but I want to also start using Zwift merely for the scenery.

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I think you can overlay the TR screen on Zwift but my PC is too slow so I run one app on the phone and on on the PC, both reading the PM and choose which one I want to control the trainer. My PM is ant + though you might have problems if everything is Bluetooth.

I don’t see a problem

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Many ways it can be done, all covered well in these links.


I average about 4 kph (say, 2.5 mph) faster on Zwift compared to IRL on flat roads. My trainer reads accurately so I think it’s just the algorithm. Where this becomes an issue is looking at the average speed in an IRL crit or road race and thinking you can hang on based on your Zwift speed (spoiler, you can’t).


I don’t know what you guys are talking about…Zwift speeds are pretty spot-on, IMO.

What…you guys can’t do a sub-4 hour century IRL?