The Ironman Training Thread 2024

Well done. You made it through which is the hardest thing when your stomach’s given up on you.

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Sorry I’m a bit late. Currently in Greece (close to marathon) for a work meet-up. Had to shuffle the plan around a bit to make this week a rest week (besides a couple of runs).

Currently have access to a 12.5M pool, which is freezing cold. Managed a 1k swim, but won’t be going back in. Too cold :cold_face:

:man_swimming: Swim pace still around 1.52 over a mile. Have added a couple of extra swim sessions in during the month. Also had the lane to myself one evening and managed a 3800m swim with a pace of 2:02. So was pleased with that.

:biking_man: Missing my bike at the moment. There’s some really nice hills here above Athens too, but I’m sure my backside will enjoy the week-long break. Still seeing good improvements on the bike. FTP up to 234 and put a little weight on with it. W/kg now 3.3 Some vo2 work has now cropped up on the plan. It’s been a bit easy though due to the local hills on my long ride on the weekend I assume. Looking forward to getting back on the bike this weekend.

:man_running: Really pleased with my run progression. Was a bit worried that my knee wouldn’t heal in time so that I would be able to run the entire marathon portion and would have to resort to a run/walk strategy. I have managed a couple of 20k hilly/coastal run/walks 4:00/1:00 this month and my knee felt really good. No pain whatsoever. So stepped up to a half marathon run/walk and then an unintentional 25k run today over brutal terrain - only walking the steepest of gradients and again, no knee pain So pretty confident now that I’ll be able to run the entire thing come September.


Have you tried some nuts of chamois or Nok cream in your socks?

Moved the red light to aggressive now, still full of yellows and reds, think I’m going to have to just ignore the feature

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Here’s my race report for St. George, if anyone’s curious.

Related: I already signed up for next year’s race :sweat_smile:


IRONMAN has confirmed Precision Fuel & Hydration (PF&H) as the official hydration partner for the IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 European Triathlon Series.

Starting at IRONMAN 70.3 Aix-en-Provence on May 19, PF&H’s PH 1000 electrolyte drink will be available on-course at all 2024 European IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 events, including the 2024 VinFast IRONMAN World Championship in Nice

North American triathletes:


Still not a replacement for Gatorade Endurance as it’s only 17g of carbs per 32 oz, or ~0.5 g/oz. Mortal Hydration roughly the same at 10g per 20 oz. You’ll need to get the bulk of your carbs elsewhere.

The lack of stevia would be nice though.

Enjoyed the read. The St. George 2021 70.3 Worlds course still gives me nightmares.


Yeah, sounds like “decoupling electrolytes from carbs” is the angle they’re taking so either way you’ll need your own. PH’s drinks taste way better than Mortal’s, IMO, so I wish we had that here instead.

Was just reading the precision and hydration email.

Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the read. See you in Penticton!

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Thanks for the great read! I did St. George in 2021 and had a rough day, but this makes me want to go back.


I was there in 2021 too and had a challenging day!

I was not adequately prepared for the heat and the hills. I came off the bike dehydrated and low on electrolytes and then promptly lost my sodium capsules right at the start of the run.

At one point, I was so delirious that I thought my Stryd pod power number was my heart rate… After walking for a while and having a pickle popsicle, my brain started working again :slight_smile:


Man, I had one of those “I’m never doing this again” moments after the race, and two days later signed up for next year. It really is my favorite race I’ve done, I think I just need to adjust my expectations. It’s too early in the year for me to do it as an A race, so next year I’ll do it without any specific goals and just treat it as a shakedown race before whatever else I decide to race.


Oh man, not the right course to have a hydration mishap. Learned my lesson to train hills prior to a lumpy course. Pickle popsicles for the win.

Anyone any experience of IM Austria?

Any tips on how to approach bike route would be much appreciated!

Or does anyone have any experience or tips on how best to approach a rolling IM bike route?

My only experience of prior IM distance events has been fairly flat routes (Italy last year) where it was fairly easy to stick to goal power target (~70-75% of FTP). Thinking for this route, I should be aiming to push slightly higher power on hills (~75-85% of FTP) knowing that there will be decent recovery time on descents.

For context, on the bike I’m a decent climber but not great at descending. The run is my strength and have a fairly good tolerance for being able to run well off the bike.

Any advice appreciated!


@gesteves thanks for the roll call - sorry for the delay, I ended up completely wiped out with the flu first week of May which was a bit of a set back.

April was mixed. Managed to get away to Majorca for a short break and got some good rides in on the bike. Hardly ran during the month due to shin splints. This is much better but still struggling a bit with it which will be interesting with Outlaw Half at the weekend. I’m starting on the basis of completing the event but will be sensible and stop if it becomes too painful.

The water was warm enough here for my first open water swim last weekend. Glad i did it. Initially it felt like I’d forgotten how to swim, but when I got into it I felt like i have benefited from the work done in pool over the last few months.

In terms of training in April:

Swim: 5 hours 30.
Bike: 42 hours
Run: 4 hours 30.


Tracking Ironman Lanzarote through the app, @Benwgoodfellow was fifth place coming out of the swim. Made up a slot in transition to fourth…first bike mat he’s in first place (!) Dreitz passes he’s pushed back to fourth now settled into third with Palmer and Ramos ahead of him to just gone the halfway point. I’m hoping the bike pacing is good for his run, could be a good result coming.


Sub 3 run after that bike course :tada:

5th MPRO.



Ben CRUSHED the race!

Congratulations @Benwgoodfellow

Started looking at the results…Anne Haug 45 ahead of 2nd place! Thats beyond dominance!