The Ironman Training Thread 2024

That has to be a FPRO course record?

MPRO record was 8:30 up until last year…

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I believe so… also bike and run CR!

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My initial goal for 2024 was to do my first full in Copenhagen. Due to life my plans have changed and I will do two halves (Knokke and Emilia Romagna) and focus on doing a full next year.

I am currently at 320 watts as FTP and mainly train on my TT bike on the trainer, occasionally outside on both road and TT bike.

On the harder workouts (tempo, sweetpots), I have issues to push the requested power (as of ± 75% FTP and up), in TT position. Is this recognizable for anyone? Is it normal or should I adjust my TT position (I recently had a non-satisfactory bike fit)

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Thanks for the support everyone!
Had such a good day out out there racing.

Swim has been a big focus for me recently so super happy to be in the mix.
Haven’t been near the front of a pro race before.

The first 3hrs on the bike were hard! Working with others (Legal 12m) we got to the lead of the race. I averaged the same NP as most of my 70.3 bikes. After that, I knew I needed to back off or would blow up big time. Made use of the mostly tailwind return leg to recover as much as possible, while keeping speed high. but still thought I was gone around 150km on the bike. What felt effortless to start. Was now a hard effort. Lots of sugar and the final downhill got me back feeling slightly better.

Started the run at a pace I thought I could hold. lost multiple places early in the run but just stayed consistent and eventually pulled them back. Around 25-30km I had a big dip and was so close to walking but never let myself. Again took on extra sugar. Either that or the knowledge of being 10km from the line. I managed a small resurgence to get me to the line.

This is a result I am super proud of. Was not perfect but held in well, even when the going got proper tough.

Next up: Challenge Wales, 70.3 Swansea & Alpe d’Huez long

Swim: 4.0 km Swim Activity on May 18, 2024 by Ben “Wilf" G on Strava
Bike: 181.4 km Ride Activity on May 18, 2024 by Ben “Wilf" G on Strava
Run: 41.8 km Run Activity on May 18, 2024 by Ben “Wilf" G on Strava


Ah thanks for sharing the write up - I was so worried the bike was going too hard, glad to hear you backed off when it made sense :slight_smile: And pushed through it on the run, numbers looked like they flexed a bit but didn’t betray verging on walking. Great stuff.

Wales will be a cinch now :smiley: :wink:

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For those doing full distance IM, what is your nutrition strategy, i.e. how are you taking on your carbs, how do you carry it, etc? I’ve been practicing my nutrition plan on long rides and I’m really struggling due to how sweet everything is. I’m aiming for 60-70g of carbs per hour so experimented with 1.5 packs of shot bloks per hour, but after 6 packs I felt a bit sick and couldn’t stomach any more. I tried switching it up slightly and alternated between 1 pack of shot blocks and 1 veloforte bar, which was slightly better but still made me feel a bit sick. Does anyone have any ideas for how to get the requisite carbs on board without feeling ODed on sugary sweetness?

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Bike I do a bottle of energy (sweet) and a bottle of electrolytes (citrus) per aid station plus a bar.

Run, it’s a gel every 20-30mins, plus every aid station is water to the head, water to the mouth. Coke in the latter stages. One red bull at some point.

In training it’s sugary water bottles and gels as suits the session.

It’s not a model I’d advise to others, but it’s what I do.

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April was good for duration considering I didn’t run much as nursing my first run injury in years. Other than that I used the extra energy for the swim and bike.

Solid April really, but not as focused as January, still averaging 14.1 hours per week since the beginning of October 2023.

This month hasn’t been so great, a bit more running but a bit of inconsistency on the bike. Update on that in a few days, just 6 days out from Cotswolds 133 - B event. 10 mile run today so hope the calf holds up for that.

I will be alternating between gels and a carb drink every 20 minutes. Special needs will have an almond butter and honey sandwich along with a 8 ounce can of Pepsi. Electorlyte tabs in front bottle

Thanks. Assuming you’ll be at least 5 hrs on the bike so that’ll be like 15 gels?

I struggled with this for a long time as my stomach is quite sensitive and can almost never handle the on race nutrition…

I combine gels, chews (both from precision hydration) and power gel shots cola.
I have also switched to using 1L bottles. Inside each, I have electrolytes and 1 gel. For the rest of the carbs, I have enough in my bento box and trisuit to last until the personal needs station where I make a refill of the gels/chews/gel shots.


Following plan from Precision Hydration. And their gels are very easy to digest, I have done their 300 grams of carb container during a three hour ride twice with no issues and very good runs afterwards. Also the sandwich and the Pepsi from Special Needs contain 397 calories so the second half of the bike will require fewer gels.


@gesteves Thanks for managing this thread this year! I’ve following along all year even though I hadn’t planned on doing anything longer than the Xterra Portland race on August 4 this year.

This thread has gotten me excited about longer distances again, so I signed up 70.3 Washington Tri-Cities a couple weeks ago and changed my training plan from Olympic distance to Half, giving myself just over 16 weeks to prepare.

I’m going to lose about 10 days of training time for a work trip next month, but I think I’m starting in okay condition to successfully build up to being ready for a 70.3 even with that break.

Thanks to everyone for posting their training and race reports! It’s really motivating to see what you all are doing.


Awesome, added you to the list at the top. See you there!

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Mostly liquids on the bike for me.
This was 4 x 750ml bottle’s each with 1.5 beta fuel (so 120g) & half a ph1500 tab.
Stopped at personal needs at halfway to swap out the 2 empty ones for 2 full ones. I miss using a water bladder down the front for full distances.
Also had 500ml flat coke in the frame aero bottle to wash out the sea salt taste post-swim .

If sweetness is a struggle might be worth trying maurten drinks mix. Definitely not cheap but they tend to have a pretty bland flavour vs the rest.
A cheaper option would be to buy maltodextrin and fructose powder. Then find a ratio that works for you. Maltodextrin doesn’t have much of a flavour but fructose is very sweet. The gold standard is considered 1 : 0.8 ratio at the moment.
Suppose worst case 60g pure maltodextrin tastes pretty much like water and would still keep glucose store topped up.


Anyone any experience/insight? Thanks!

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Hi there, I don’t know the course but IM say 1750m climbing

I’m looking at endurance Zone on the flat, up to sweet spot on the climbs. I dont see any value in threshold or above - that tends to be when I’ve messed up and am forced into an unplanned overtake.

If I’m aiming for 180W across 180km then at 2% grade I’d go 210W, 4% target 230W

Here’s my breakdown of a reasonably paced 6h10 at Frankfurt last year. I’m sure it could be better but it felt well paced to me.



for my last two long distances (Cervia and Lanzarote), I followed this strategy:

  • alternating a Maurten160 (40g CARB) and a BetaFuel Chew (46 CARB) every 45min
  • a bottle of 750ml with a Drinkmix 320 +160 (total 120g carb)
  • abottle of 500ml with a Drinkmix 100 CAF (total 80g carb)

considering a 6:00 bike split it is a total of 5 gel and 4 chews, for 384g carb = 64g carb/h from solid, then you have 200g from bottles = 33g carb/h from liquid

maybe try a little less, like 1 solid per hour or so and see if it works for you

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I followed the long distance high volume training plan since end of 2023 to prepare for Ironman Lanzarote, which I did 10days ago. Brutal, yet awesome race.
If you want a challenge, look no further.

I used TR almost always, did just 4 workout outside (also due to bad spring here in Italy so far), so I lacked a bit of descent skills in Lanzarote, people were flying past me downhill :laughing:
Anyhow, for my standard (45 age grouoer with kids and a job) I am quite happy of the race, even if I spent a little too much in the first two hours of the bike and ended up not running as I expected and did in other long distance races.

With a bit of luck I also got to take a slot for KONA :hibiscus: which I was targeting since last year in Cervia, so will have to resume training asap I guess.
I was tempted to try a master plan this time, is anyone following it in high volume?


Damn, good job on the Kona slot!