The Ironman Training Thread 2023

Never happened. Jonathan did do an Xterra last year.

Edit to add, I think it was because they got into Cape Epic.


Hi everyone!

Long time follower on the forum here. Signed up for the Muskoka 70.3 in July as my first tri race. Will look into a local sprint/Olympic in May/Jun to get some experience under my belt. My goal is to finish within the cutoff time (6-7hrs?) and enjoy the event/training process.

I started the Half LV plan on Jan 1 and tried to follow it the best I can. I am really struggling with the time commitment for the plan (7-8hrs/wk, 6 days a wk), as I have a job and 2 kids like a lot of people.

This week fatigue really started to set in and I had to stop 2 bike workouts in a row halfway in (Monday Vo2Max and this morning SweetSpot). I tried to grind it out but I had nothing left. I know these things have been discussed on numerous threads, and I know the answers already but I had to ask!!!

A few questions:
• How do you guys deal with the time commitment of the TR tri LV plan? I think I might be easier for me to do longer sessions on few days due to kids and all
• I have to do my sessions at 5:30am in the morning. I would grab a banana or a clif bar and run on the bike, but I feel the food is not kicking in soon enough for me that causing me to fail the workouts. The earliest I can sleep is around 1030pm, because the kids sleep at 930pm. Already on 6-7hrs sleep…waking up earlier to eat is not preferred!!! :smiley:
• Does it get better? I know the body needs time to adjust to the new training load/start times. Should I be patient and stick with it a bit longer (with TR auto lowering the progression levels every time I fail a workout)

Thanks for reading. After all this rambling, I realized that maybe I am just looking for some moral support. I will suck it up. LFG!!!

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new 70.3 in Jones Beach, NY.
Sept 23.
Registration open tomorrow.

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Oh hey! Muskoka hills were a good level of challenge on both the bike and the run (get out of transition and its a 9-10% hill!?)
If you have any question about the course let me know.

I’m doing the gravenhurst olympic in June, but there are plenty of options :slight_smile:

And yes it takes a while to get used to the rythym of training.

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I have a question cuz I don’t like what plan builder is throwing out for my 2nd race.

22 week schedule to 1st A race (70.3). Plan builder gave me 8wk base, 8wk build, 6wk specialty. All good.

Then I have 13 weeks to 2nd and final A race (70.3). My thought is:

2 weeks “recovery” which would act as some base as well. A full 8wk build. 3wk specialty to sharpen and taper to the race.

Does this sound doable or is 2wks of recovery/base sound like not enough before jumping into a full build? With such a short time before my final race I really want to build as much as I can before. Not sure if I’m being too ambitious or not…

This years A race is IM 70.3 WC in Lahti Finland.
My swim has always been good, and use effortless swimming for instruction and workouts. TR seems week on Swim. Years of bike racing and TR has made my bike leg good for my age group.
But over the years my run keeps getting slower, and avoiding injury is the #1 goal. Body weight strength training seemed to help a lot when did IM last year.

a. Personally I find frequency beats volume. I rather make room for three shorter trainer rides than have 2 bigger ones.
b. I think most people struggle with this. I am in the same early-am-workout-boat on many mornings and know how shitty it feels to do a hard effort carb depleted right after getting up. I often replace a hard effort with an easier ride. Depending on how fatigued I am I might then replace an endurance ride on the weekend with a big sweet spot or theshold hammerfest or just stick with the plan anyway. Better to complete an easier workout than to fail a hard one. Re carbing up, have you tried liquid fuel? I simply use sugar-water with some flavoring or a plain old softdrink. Feels like I can absorb the carbs easier and it also helps with early morning dehydration. If you’re still struggling, SIS makes these comical nootropics beta gels with beta carbs and 200mg caffeine per serving.
c. Rule of Lemond applies: It does not get easier, you only go faster.

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That will be my first 70.3. I guess I’ll have to start running and swimming again soon lol.

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It’s say it’s plenty but can depend on your fitness going into the race, how big of a taper you’re taking before your A1 race and how you recover in general.

My 0.02. Were it me, I’d take 1 recovery week, the first 4 weeks of build and then the full 8 weeks of specialty. There’s something about going into a race w/ a plan designed to peak for a race.

At the end of the day though. I don’t think it matters too much if you prioritize build or specialty; there is so much overlap on the zones they focus on.