The Ironman Training Thread 2023

I’m jealous! And I’d be careful around progressive overload on the shoulders there. Good luck.

Is the full New Zealand in March?

Welcome to triathlon and the Thread :slightly_smiling_face:

Polarised are not TR recommended plans, they are community requested. Also, progress at this time of year should not be dramatic. I’ve used the tri plans for years, SSB and SusPB are good alternatives. Probably LV for you.

Hi there and welcome to the forums and The Thread!

Structure, so useful and yet so hard to impose on oneself. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m afraid I’d don’t know what IMMD refers to, lots of races across the world out there…

Welcome back!

When are these?

You’re in!


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Did my first session of the year last Wednesday and ripped the strap off my watch after 750m catching it on the lane rope. :man_facepalming: A few surface dives retrieved the pieces…Garmin strap too damaged to reuse.

Replaced the strap with a nato strap as a temporary measure, second swim of the year last Friday….caught the lane rope after 150m and ripped the pins off the watch. Turned to see the strap still on my wrist and the watch face sinking slowly to the murky depths. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Garmin can’t replace the pins until March. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Used the watch since then holding it and wearing an HRM, but I now have an internet replacement strap. Which looks okay:

Third swim of the year tomorrow…I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous. :sweat_smile:

Yep, 4th of March. There was one Full in December too - they moved them due to Covid.

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Barring something catastrophic happening with taxes this year :slight_smile: I’m signing up for the Harvest Moon Half in Boulder on Sept. 16. My first half distance, I’ve done a few Olympics before, got back into racing last year with a couple sprints. Plan to do one Olympic in June as a warm-up.
Training plan is probably TR low volume Base/Build/Specialty with additional swim/run workouts added to it.

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Wow, that’s some bad luck. Back in August I had mine ripped off in a mosh pit but was able to quickly recover the watch and the pins were still in the band, holding up to this day! (Watch doesn’t come to concerts anymore)


A reminder to not wear mine to Download.

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So. 3rd week of Jan where are we at
Finished my first week of BarryP running, super low volume (about 1.8h running) and 2nd week (2.02hrs) is well on its way to go well.
Going twice a week to my master’s swim workout. The whole thing is 1.5h but its a lot of sets with “rest” in between so comes out to about 45m to 1h of actual swimming. I’d been cramping a lot in the calves on the kick focused sets but i guess it’s also strengthening them (thank you fins) The form feels like its coming back slowly but surely along with more speed.

Just doing it all easy for now until end of feb where ill get to about 3.25h of running, at which point ill increase the long run slowly and a month later add more race pace intervals for my end of april HM. The swim will pretty much stay at 2x per week until June when itll warm up and ill have an OWS session added on top (if lake ontario temps cooperate)

Now for the bike, its been a $hit show because my trainer died first time i tried to start it up 1st week of Jan. Elite still hasnt sent me/the canadian distributor the replacement circuit board so ive been playing around with the rollers. Now that my neighbour still hasnt found a thru-axle adapter for the dumb trainer i lent him we exchanged the rollers for the dumb trainer which means ill be able to get back on the bike. This weekend and do some easy mileage based on HR for now (i’m not swapping my power pedals just yet)


I’m fairly new to TR. I’ve been using it for about a year now, but went back and forth between TR and SYSTM. Finally letting the SYSTM subscription expire and am all in on TR. The bouncing back and forth did not work well for my first time riding the Triple Bypass training wise in addition to not being prepared for the weather we encountered on Loveland pass, but that’s a story for another time. 2023 is an ambitious year for me.
Gravel Locos
CapTex Tri (Olympic)
Triple Bypass
IM Wisconsin full on 9/10

I’m using plan builder FD LV and mixing in the swim, run, and strength training from TP.


Ouch. Happened to me a while ago, luckily only damage to the €5 wrist band I bought off amazon. Since then I just use the pace clock on the wall and don’t wear a watch anymore.

The start of 2023 is not what I have hoped for, work has been pretty bedlam with lots of extra meetings each week, new behaviour system and needing extra senior (predictive text made that sexier, it’s true but I shouldn’t brag) members of staff needing to do detention duty and then this week we got the big call on Monday, so 2 17 hour days in a row making sure all the ofsted paper work was ready and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were just a write off.

17 weeks till outlaw half, my goal was sub 5 I don’t think I’ll be there. My goal now is consistency and as good as possible from now until then ans then I’ll have a think about either midnight man 70.3 or outlaw x now it’s 3 weeks earlier

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2 days ago I did a 10k run then went to the pool for 3k swim. Everything was fine other than the usual occasional toe cramps that happen when I run before swimming. At the end of the swim, I jumped up to the ledge of the pool and I got the most severe calf cramps in both legs I’ve ever had. I cramp in races often so that’s saying something. It took literally 10 min to go away. 2 days later and my calves are still hurting. I can’t tell if cramps strained my muscles or what’s happening. Has this happened to anyone?

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Stupid question… How was your hydration prior to this happening?

Sometimes I don’t drink as much water as I should when the weather is not as hot, so that might be partially responsible for it.

The times I have had severe cramps has been after a long race and usually is due the dehydration or not enough salt in the body…

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Hydration was normal.
I’m just getting back into swimming and running shape and I was feeling good and pushed the pace a bit. But I am 100% certain it was the jump at the end that did it. I should have just swam to a ladder.

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Essentially I’ve settled on this; swimming uses lots of leg muscles some you use elsewhere but in different ways, and they are just going WTF is going on? And start screaming.

Three things I think help more than anything;

  1. Always return to swimming with short sessions
  2. Always do some kick sets
  3. Try to relax while pointing your toes (if that makes any sense)

Oh and 4. never run before a swim.

I don’t think water or salt has anything to do with cramping for 99.99% of people, it’s fatigue.

Perhaps one more thing 5. Do eccentric calf raises at least once a week. Definitely stops my running calf injuries, so may also strengthen for the swim.

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Sometimes you’re at the mercy of the schedule and have no choice to run before swimming.

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I mean… Dehydration is the leading cause. Athletes are severely fatigued and most of the time dehydrated.

Now, giving a bit more though. I have done running workouts, followed by a swim (after some rest) and have gotten cramps on the feet. Not as severed as you described, but bad enough that need to stop.

So more than likely the fatigue of running and the got you

Not much training going on for me at the moment due to work/family etc getting back on the trainer tonight and hopefully start to get some more consistency to my cycling. I’m not bothered about my finish time for the 2 events this year just want to get around within cut off

Couple decent weeks. Swimming coming along. Run building up. Dialed down the bike a bit to accommodate that.


Just listening to some old podcasts and came across the one where Nate, Jonathan and Chad were supposed to do an Ironman in 2022. Did this ever happen? Does anyone know if it’s still happening if not?