The Ironman Training Thread 2023

I’m hoping to get back in the pool this week for the first time since October, the local rec center has had very limited hours due to a lifeguard shortage but apparently they’re back to normal hours now. I have a lot of catching up to do now though :grimacing:

On a separate note, I’ve done a pretty good job staying compliant to TR’s high volume full distance plan (except for the swim), but the runs could use a little variety. Now that I have a treadmill at home, I think I’m going to start doing Zwift running workouts in place of the prescribed TR runs, wherever it makes sense. Curious if anyone’s tried them and thinks that’s a good idea?

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Yes I did their tri academy a few times and I use Zwift run for all my treadmill runs. Generally they weren’t very hard which I fedback to Dan Plews.

I like the group runs, I join and do whatever my planned session is.

Group workouts are fun but finding a scheduled workout that matches your planned session is pretty unlikely unless it long and easy.

The intensity of workouts is based on the PR values you set for your runs which you can manually adjust, but if a workout is asking too much I just run at the pace I’m planning instead.


First swim since IM Des Moines in June! Had two eye surgeries over the summer so that took me away from the water for a while. Back at in now trying the Form goggles training plan. Slow build to Eagleman. I hope to beat my PB of 5:25 for a 70.3. Fingers crossed.


Thanks, @JoeX, for setting up this thread again. I enjoyed being a part of it last year. I’m currently signed up for Des Moines 70.3 and Ironman Wisconsin (full). I’ll add one additional 70.3, probably Florida in December, but I’m not sure. My official training starts in a few weeks. Like last year, I’ll use the TR full-distance, mid-volume plan.

I had a great year last year. Completed my first full-distance (IMTX) and snagged a KQ. I raced the 70.3 WC in St. George as well as Oregon 70.3. In the off-season I’ve been working on my swim technique and started strength training for the first time. Both were long overdue.

I’ve entered a new age group (50-54), so now I’m the young’un and I don’t have to worry about those 45-year old whippersnappers anymore. That said, I don’t have any particular goals. Just train hard and enjoy the process. I’m looking forward to a great season! Best of luck to everyone.


Hey @JoeX , can I get in on this too? I’m going for Ironman UK this July. First time doing the full distance. I live in Bolton so thankfully got plenty of chance to get used to the course.

Following IM Full Distance MV plan - first time following a triathlon plan on TR. I’ve seen 4hr15mins is the longest ride in the plan but there’s lots of weekly volume. How have others found that? Is it enough to see you through the 112miles on the day? I’d probably prefer to get a few 5/6 hr rides under my belt.


Adaptive Training will extend the lengths of those as you go through. What you see now is because of what your current Endurance PL is.

My personal preference is to do that long rides outside anyway, so feel free to extend those based on your training up to that point.


First time, most people do a couple of century rides outside to get used to the saddle time and pace…and drinking/eating.

Six hours on the turbo trainer would be asking a lot of anyone, 4.5h is fine for training.

You can finish an Ironman on LV training, and you should select the volume based on the time to realistically can train - so don’t feel you need MV for a good chance of finishing, it’s a tough program.

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HI all,
I’m struggling with plan builder right now. I’m to choose my “level of experience” and playing with it around expert and advanced it yields 4 weeks base,8 or 5 weeks build, 4 or 7 weeks of specialty. This for a Half distance plan mid volume.
I’ve been using TR for 4 years with decication and completing nearly 90% of the prescribed WO.

I’m on a SSB2 plan right now and I’ve 18 weeks till my A event.

What would you choose? More build or more specialty?
As I understand things, specialty is more race specific with a lot of wo around ftp, and build is more above FTP oriented.
Of course i’m looking for the best option, the one that will make me faster.

I really wish plan builder had some idea of what you’ve been doing…

I’m assuming you completed SSB1 before SSB2 and you’re doing all of SSB2 before moving on to the plan builder plan. If that’s the case, you’re wrapping up 12 weeks of base and I see no need for 4 more weeks of it.

Were if me…I would do 2 weeks of filler (train now?) then 8 weeks of build and 8 weeks of specialty.

If you’re not planning on finishing out SSB2, I would do as many weeks as will fit that give you week 6 of SSB2 (recovery week before starting build), 8 weeks of HIM Build and 8 weeks of HIM Specialty.


Personally I wouldn’t second guess it, or as Matt suggests just do the full build and spec without PB.

If I did want to second guess it, I’d look at how hard I worked doing SSB and any gains I saw and then weigh up the load changes.


Humm, thanks for input guys.
Before SSB2, I’ve done trad base 2, as I wanted a kind of break with intensity at the end of the season. I know this is not logical but my mid needed it.

For the coming season I was thinking of going with the pkan builder, but reading your answers make me realise I don’t really need the 4 weeks base.
Next week is gonna be a recovery week, last one of SSB2, I want to finish that with a bit more z2 here and there. And I will follow your advice, 8 weeks build and 8 week specialty.


I followed the MV plan last year for a full distance race and I definitely did indoor rides longer than 4 hours- I may have gone up to 5.5. The last month before the race I did my long ride outdoors, but otherwise it was all TR indoors. I was plenty prepared on race day.

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Happy new year all

Joe, I got 70.3TX on 4/2. Followed by IMTX on 4/24 I think.
The HIM is my A race. The full I’m doing for my brother and just gonna go for completion and no pressure.


Well I am back at it again this year after many years off.

IM Muskoka 70.3 (July 9th)

Don’t really care about a finish time. I have been off for so long and will have a baby coming very soon to interrupt training. So its a get healthy to finish kind of attitude.


Running into an issue, stupid trainer won’t work so i can’t bike (it’s winter in canada)
Warranty work is taking forever because paRtS areN’t iN mY loCaL waRehoUse and i’m on the path of missing out on a full month of bike training, and more if that first “fix” doesn’t work.

My gym isnt open at the hours i could get even a stationary bike workout in (it’s mainly there for coached swims and my shorter strength workouts)

So now…i’m actually considering getting a 2nd trainer. Wifey has some events shes wanting to do and there are a bunch of direct drive ones on sale at local retailers. It’s a bit over the budget but then we’d both have proper trainers, and be “set for life”…or at least the life of those trainers lol.
Do you think it’s wise to bite that big bullet? I can’t see myself putting all that time/mileage on rollers other than to work on handling on the TT bike

I found a few trainer at various price points…

They seem legit…

I’m in the great white north but
there are some decently priced kickr core too out there :slight_smile:
So i might just go with that

I have a dumb trainer back up

I used to and then i lent it to the neighbour (who i ride with during summer and just started riding last year)
While the rollers are a nice novelty, i won’t do 1.5h rides on them
after 30m i’m pretty much done LOL

ill see whether my wife would be okay with a dumb trainer

45 days till IM NZ and I’m just about to start an interesting experiment.
I almost didn’t swim at all since 2020 - probably something like 1 every 3 months average. And I’m a rather bad swimmer, although I had a decent (given my skills) time in 2019 - 1h08 in Nice.

Due to various logistical reasons, I did close to 0 swimming until recently - went back to the pool beginning of December with the plan to go every day but needed to stop after 2 weeks. Pace in the beginning was 2:13 / 100m but improving quickly (down to 2:00 / 100m at the end of 2 weeks).

And now I’m back there every day until the race, 7 days per week. I may skip an occasional day, but I will most probably do >40 sessions during those 45 days. Let’s find out how much one can improve with this strategy !