The Ironman Training 2022 Thread

Are there any updates about their pacing teams and how they plan to deploy them?

Do the Pacers have to start from the start? Or the cyclists can join at T1 and runners at T2?


I think the pacers are specialist in each particular leg or so I’ve heard.


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Hi Just a quick nutrition question please, I didn’t put it in the nutrition section as its specific to 70.3+ and not the technical requirements question.
How to you practice nutrition, how it affects your body what’s best, in a 6hr race, when in my plan, (at least in the beginning) most sessions are only 1-2hrs?


Any 2hr+ bike ride would be adequate to start testing, especially if it has a run off. Run-offs of 30+ plus would be best.

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Decent day at Outlaw but as normal my run is severely below everything else,

37 minute swim on an average of less than 1,000m a week,

2.40 bike and it felt easy throughout

2.03 run yes it was hot but I was just passed by everyone, my running has been stagnated for so long in a time when my FTP has risen by over 100W

I just have no idea what to do it improve it. Improving my cycling is easy, I follow trainer road and I get better. My running I feel that I have tried everything and its just not getting better


To get used to gels and bars, I’ve taken them in training sessions longer than one hour for a whole season. I don’t have any digestion problems, and they do help get through hard workouts. But there’s no need to do that.

If it’s an endurance session and only one hour, it’s not going to be worth it.

So if you’re 3+ months out I would just be testing occasionally the nutrition you will consume to see if it sits well. Less than three months and you will have some longer brick sessions, then you’ll see how it feels eating on the bike and going into the run and eating some more.

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You need to adjust your plan to have longer endurance days so that you can test your nutrition plan. testing it on 1-2 workouts is a start, but your reaction to it can vary significantly over a longer period of time.

make sure you are planning regular, longer workouts, both long runs and rides, as well as longer brick sessions so you can test your plan.

To add to the advice, I think considering diet and intakes in the days leading up to your test workouts is also important. That way you can try to mimic the race as much as possible.

Of course, usual disclaimer of might not be possible, individual context, etc etc

Got my first outdoor ride in on Friday, preparing for IMLP. Hip labral tear seems under control and got a 6 mile run in without any pain … now need to start building run volume!


Hi All,

Bit late responding to the rollcall, but all is going well on my end. Mostly focused on the cycling and running the last 6 weeks and staying consistent; pleased to say I am making really great progress.

I’m taking part in the Ride London event in 2 weeks too, so a free 100 miler for the legs thats an outdoor ride for a change :smile:

Also have a half marathon planned for June to help me tune up the running a bit.


I just fuel whatever my long runs and rides are very aggressively and see what happens. Not only does it work very well for testing purposes, it also makes a long run somehow bearable.


one thing to test/find out is how much is too much using food you tolerate well.

Try a long bike ride ( >3+ hours ) at 300 KCal per hour.
Next one 400 kCAL. Next one 450 or 500 maybe?
Then you can refine it by mixing the kind of food: using Maurten allowed me to go past 400.

I’m not suggesting you do it until you puke; you’ll probably refuse to ingest so much food while pedaling
at some point. There’s a fine line between not enough kCAL and vomiting.

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Sweat testing at various intensities is a good one. Once you’ve got a handle on that you can make a habit of ensuring you don’t finish sessions with too much fluid loss (my coach suggests <2% but I think it depends on who you listen to.) Holds you in good stead during longer sessions/events IME.

You can also figure out what nutrition is easiest for you to access in your aero position at race intensity- including where to store bottles etc.

I’ve also practised slamming something at the beginning of a brick run- the run is usually where things usually go awry nutrition-wise and it’s harder to test that in training.

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Another option is to monitor your urine frequency/color and have a salty snack available for cravings. At endurance intensities, your gut can absorb a lot of water quickly when needed

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Perhaps you are burning matches on the bike even though it feels easy? I’m not a strong runner - in fact I’ve spent past few years doing mostly aquabike racing - but I do know that just a tiny bit of over biking would turn my run to a slog even in my sprint races

A few suggestions:

  • Do a dedicated run block in the off-season. The Slowtwitch 100 Runs in 100 Days is an excellent way to boost your running. (I hate recommending anything form that site, but the program works well…you can just take the overall concept and do it yourself)

  • Run more frequently…i.e. a BarryP or 3:2:1 program. Run 6 days a week, often short, almost always slow. Build volume through frequency, not longer, less frequent miles.

Or do the full-ass challenge, which I believe is the origin of the 100/100.

Everyone lamenting they’re run ability should read through the thread at least once paying attention to when DesertDude talks.

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Just jumping in here. I’ve been trying to focus on sleep all year but I rarely get more than 7 hours a night. My body naturally wakes up around then. 28 years old, training 11-15hrs /wk, working 50-55hrs/wk usually.

Even if I give myself all the pillow time. 3hr bike ride. I sleep 7 hours. And I’ll feel good waking up! But if I wake up to an alarm at 6hrs and 50, woof I’m toasted for the whole morning.

I’m beginning to ramp up my swim and my running now that I’m done with the spring crit season and building towards Thun Switzerland 2023. It’s fun seeing those two rapidly climb back and disheartening to see all those bike gains I made slowly slip away.

Was pushing 340 normalized at the peak this spring for 40-50 minute hard efforts and any sustained efforts at 330 for longer than 10-15 minutes hurt so bad! And it’s only been 3 weeks. However outdoor heat might have a big part to play too.

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Sleep is super interesting. Many high level politicians, Supreme Court justices, etc, have been documented to sleep as little as 3-4 hrs/night for decades with no evident ill-effects

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