The Ironman Training 2022 Thread

I thought about trying athletic brewing back in january but kept forgetting to order. Also even though it isn’t more expensive than what I’d normally drink it felt expensive to order in a reasonable volume, mentally couldn’t do it. Might order some for after the race to keep the motivation on cutting back.

Recently I was drinking more wine, unlike beer I’m fine with cheap wine so kirkland signature box cabernet being drunk out of a tiny mason jar was a little too easy to keep topping off.

Too few weeks until my event, not mentally prepared, need to dig out all my gear and hope it fits…

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Does anyone know if TrainNow takes into account your upcoming races when it makes suggestions?

I can’t follow my plan for the next few weeks (inconsistent amount of free time) so just jumping on TrainNow when I can for however long I’ve got free.

My opinion is no, as in just based on what it looks like it is doing to me. It takes into consideration recent (from what TR has said) work but not necessarily up coming work (my interpretation). For example I’ve got a endurance 2.6 ride scheduled for this evening, normal for Fridays on my current plan. If I hit trainnow it suggests a 5.9 endurance and a 5.9 v02 max, both of which it calls stretch (AT did just throw in a random ramp test, redid my PLs but didn’t adapt yet).

IT may just be more useful to try alternates when you can fit in some training. If you miss a tuesday but have time wed, just slide over the tues ride and hit alternate if that workout doesn’t fit. That is what I have done, trainnow options never look good to me but I can seem to always find an alternate if I need to change something for time or after missing a few days.

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Sam Adams just the haze non alcoholic is pretty good. I gave up drinking almost 4 years ago and last year I did have a few of them. Now I just don’t bother but check it out if you like ipas.


I snagged some free ones from an ironman expo last fall. For the most part, I’d say they taste like what I call commodity craft-beer. Not bad, far from great, but certainly drinkable. From what I remember, they still had 80-100 calories a piece.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I’ve continued to take the workouts it suggest and manually drop my FTP until it’s comfortable. At this point, AT hasn’t given me any adaptations, despite numerous fails and plummeting PLs, which is odd to me. Next week has 1 Achievable, 1 Productive, 1 Stretch and 1 Breakthrough ride. :man_shrugging:

All that being said, every workout is feeling better and better (only dropped intensity by 10% this week) and the WLs on my calendar aren’t out of line with what my PLs were before I got sick. I’m guessing next week 5% or less adjustment will be needed.

Out of curiosity, I put a FTP test on the calendar today to see what it would say. FTP dropped 1.7%, so not really all the much. I’m guessing it’s using so much pre-sickness data that it’s not responding to the past 2 weeks of workouts.

I was thinking they have been a sponsor and might have some samples at expo, I’ll keep my eyes out.

The Sam Adams mentioned above seems to not be sold in my state, we need to run to VA or MD to hitup costco this weekend will look for it.

i read somewhere that AT is blind to you changing intensity during a workout. I’m not certain however.
Hence it’s preferable to drop the FTP.

Are you rating the wo as AllOut or Failed ?

It’s not blind to increasing (or lowering) intensity whether that comes from pedaling harder or actually increasing workout intensity.

It will use that in the algorithm to recommend future workouts and likely ai ftp detection.

It doesn’t a workout with a 5.0 level to whatever your effort was and it doesn’t change a temp to a sweet spot if you changed zones for example.

I get the failed prompt automatically with no option to choose an effort level and have been selecting “Intensity” as the reason.

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I’m sold on the zero alcohol beers. Not as a beer substitute but as an alternative to Coke etc.

I did my second coached session on Friday. more big efficiency changes made now I have to implement them.

I start my new 18 week 80/20 70.3. Level 1 Triathlon plan on Monday, 18 weeks to IM Weymouth. No resetting, dropping the ball. nowhere to hide. wish me luck. Just six weeks until Cardiff.


New job still distracting me from the important stuff - training - but thought I’d lob this in here.

When AT decides your easy endurance ride in recovery week isn’t good enough!

Needless to say I hit the autodetect button instead!

Managed 8.5hrs training this week but missed a lot of quality sessions.

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Random mid plan ramp test is apparently a bug, I’ve had it happen 2x. First seemed like maybe it was good and some unannounced beta, the one Friday was random and had no purpose. Someone else had it happen and Ivy replied that it was a known bug not the system being smarter than us.

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Well my FTP went up, and I skipped the replacement threshold workout :smiling_face: so all good.

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Ha mine went up both times too, only .7% the last time but up and we’ll take it :slight_smile: .

The issue can be if it drops your PLs down too far and you start getting the wrong kinds of workouts near an event. Since AT doesn’t compare swim bike and run to each other for those of us on tri plans I’d also be careful with it making some workouts incompatible. General thought on it not directed at anyone.

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Yeah, I’d be really careful with adjusting FTP too often and save it really for only when you think you need to change it.

There is an issue with PLs stemming from frequent FTP changes. You can manually adjust your FTP up and then back to your starting FTP and your PLs will drop. You can do it multiple times in a row if you wanted to reset all of your PLs back to 1 :slight_smile:

Apologies if this is old news.

Have you all seen/been following this:

Going for Sub 7 (Men’s) and Sub 8 (Women’s) Ironman times.

I didn’t realise that Chrissie still had the record. That was about when I was last deeply ingrained in the Tri scene.

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Decided to go ahead with Cairns in 4 weeks. Training is FUBAR so mostly going to fudge the race and drunkenly heckle my clubmates doing the FD, but those guys are fast so there’s still some time goals involved.
My coach has banned me from riding in the hills or bad weather until the event on the grounds of my “aura of misfortune and chaos,” but I managed to get a cold anyway. There’s some bad juju floating around, I’m sure of it.

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Oh no, but don’t resign yourself yet. The cold will pass and you’ll come back stronger for race day

Not at all old news - the attempt hasn’t happened yet :smiley:

I’ll be watching it if I can. Disappointed LCB cant race, but Kat Matthews has proven her mettle in Utah. AB vs Blu could be epic.