The Ironman Training 2022 Thread

Ha ha I hang on to my old used worn out bottles. Those that have hit the ground a few to many times, and the spouts no longer really seal. I save them specifically for races to discard. I am just about to go look in the closet for a couple for this Sunday

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Good call.
TR treats a B race like a long training session and give you only one day off the day before such B race. For something that last 1-2-3 hours sure but that doesn’t work for me when the B race is a 70.3 I need to do it with somewhat fresh legs. I did Beastman duathlon last weekend and did a mini-taper during the week. Longest run aside from the race that week was 1hour.

The timing isn’t that bad. Recover, then have a good 2 week training session with a 1 wk taper. You’ll be surprised how well you do

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I used to. I just accept that $20 goes away as part of race costs

I really wish plan builder was more dynamic regarding B races. I usually like to plan my full base/build/spec around an A race and then structure my build:recovery weeks around so that my B races occur at the end of a rest week. That may mean changing the typical 3:1 build:recovery weeks to 2:1 or 4:1 to makes my chosen races work. Instead, plan builder just gives you rest days before and after and doesn’t alter anything else.


Want my advice? Hit the sack now. When you feel like you’re better…don’t get up. Stay in the sack. Basically stay in your house, don’t work. Yes we know you ‘can’, but stay in the sack. The sack is your friend!

I wish I had. I think I’m finally okay now, did a triple day; ride into work lunch swim, ride home. HR seems normal, don’t feel the exhaustion I did just a few days ago. I still need to test running tempo pace and bike intervals above threshold though.

As for racing, well - see how you feel on race week. I assume it;s too late to defer anyway?



I have had that worry too. Just take a crappy one you’ve been gifted at some other race, or your kids have half destroyed. You mean the first bottle, loaded in T1 before the race right?

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Thanks, Joe. This is what I needed to hear. Managed to eat a good amount today, which would normally be my downfall in this scenario… but I did go for a long walk (out of necessity more than actually wanting to).

Yep, too late to defer and no way of a refund for the event. I might be able to get a refund for the hotel and car hire but I’d need to investigate… If I can’t race then I can’t race - I’d rather be healthy, to be honest. Plus, I could always do my own ‘unofficial’ full distance!


I’m hearing mixed things - one guy I know was sick the day before a full, raced just a few minutes off a PB, then having trouble breathing the following week. Some Pros seem to bail and give themselves a break from racing (Brownlee IMWC, Kienle Roth) others go straight back into it (Skipper Sub7).

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In case anyone wants a laugh…. I’m no 242. 05:15 BST. 2022 Cardiff Triathlon & Swims »


Well done!

Way to get out there and get after it! No one is laughing; that’s an incredibly respectable race and one to be proud of. Most importantly though, how many Welsh cakes did you end up eating :grinning:?

Finally into unknown territory of Specialty after 2 years of covid cancellations however strikes might still mean I don’t get there

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Hey everyone. Been a bit MIA from here for a while. But finally got my first of the year at Couer d’Alene 70.3 to blow out the cobwebs.

Swim - 32:31
I’ve been struggling in the water as of recent. Haven’t been able to figure it out. It’s something I’m need to look into because I’m falling far back to start the bike.

T1 - 2:40

Bike - 2:18:12
This bike course is one of the harder bike courses out there I think. Lots of rolling hills and the chance for a go head wind coming back to T2. I’m about that this on 263 AP and 274 NP. I tried to be a bit conservative as being the first race of the year and not sure how it was going to go.

T2 - 1:34

Run - 1:25:47
Coming off the bike I just wanted to have a solid run. I tried not to look at my watch that much and go on feel. Just went to a comfortable uncomfortable pace that I could hold the whole time. I’m still working on my running and feel like it’s coming around. I have been running 1:30 half off the bike. And seeing a 1:24 at Oceanside and 1:25 here, I think I’m moving in the right track.

Overall - 4:20:42
6th age group and 12th overall

It was a fun day out there. Good chance to see where I stand against others that I know I will see at 70.3 Worlds later this year. Have a few things that I want to build on so I can be more competitive at worlds.


I want to struggle like this!

Great time all around!



Haha, thanks. It’s just I’ve lost a bit in the swim the last few years. Was a consistent 27-29 min swimmer. But the last 2 years I haven’t swam faster then 32.


when you expect to spend 45 minutes (with down current) on the water during a 70.3, I see 32 as the opposite of struggling!

regardless…great job!

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Thanks for checking in @joex I managed a 6:12:21.

Swim. 59 min pos 101
Fantastic news! I wasn’t last out of the water in the Legend… I was SECOND from last. Frankly I’m happy to have come out under the wire. The onshore wind was evil and I wasn’t able to get into a rhythm at all. I swallowed half of the bay, it was a disaster right up until the turn. Speaking to others they felt the same. The less said about that the better.

Bike, after the bike pos 78
Well it was the first ride out for my old Argon 18 in anger for 10 years and two months and it felt great. The wind was really strong and the new 60mm tubs dealt well as can be expected. I struggled in the wind but my weakness was exposed in my neck, shoulders and arms not having the time in position to deal with it. I guess that’s what happens if you have limited training time. I averaged 30.2 kph which is well below my potential. Over the 90k (7 laps) within 2 kph in variation per lap. Positives are that I was consistent if slow. Despite having to sit up at times.
Over all, a good 1st effort.

Run ended pos 69
Broken into 5 laps. It started out well at 5:30 I felt strong but then I fell off the pace so there’s work to be done there. I struggled with a pain in my foot but made it home for a well deserved pizza.

Throughout the race I steadily made up places. I must get stronger in the water as Weymouth HIM will not be so forgiving. It’s in the English Channel and has a reputation for a tough swim I’ve heard. The bike needs work for self respect and the run needs work, just because….

I’m really chuffed on the completion and the nutrition meant that I did not blow up. I could not have given much more given the build up. I’ve seen places to improve… come back stronger.


My best position was 15 from the bottom out of the water.
But I have been bottom 5 more than once.


I’m about to have a relaxing stroll (working on my mindset for my first long distance tri) through Musselman 70.3. Just noticed that there will be ActivICE at the first run aid station. Does anyone use this or know what it is for? Just topical injury help or is there some sort of strategic cooling people use it for?