The Ironman Training 2021 Thread

Thanks for the advice @JoeX & @Power13 I dug around a little more at where plan builder was getting this from & realised that due to my dates it’s giving me weeks 1-3 of Full Distance Triathlon - Low Volume before a taper week 4 & then racing that weekend.

NB I told plan builder I was doing a full IM on the Fri to keep things simple.

I wonder if I should swap the 3 weekends before LCW to the weekends of 5-7 from Full Distance Triathlon - Low Volume or just skip ahead & start my speciality phase at week 5… at least that way I’d have a better taper built-in.

Speciality? And before will you have completed FC LV Base and Build?

If so I think they should be giving you weeks 1,2,7,8. I’d ping TR support by email and ask them to look into it.

(Welcome to the forum and the thread by the way :slight_smile: )

Yep speciality.

Yes, I’m on 9 weeks of base, 8 weeks of build & 4 weeks of speciality, including the 1 week’ taper’.

Ooo yeah that’s a good split, ok, I’ll see what they say.

Thanks, :slight_smile:

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Cool - will this be your first iron-distance event?

Nah, I did a full 5/6 years ago & then alpe d’huez triathlon 3/4 years ago, which turns out to be much closer to a full than I’d given it credit! I also ran 140K over 3 days this summer so I have some idea how hard multi day events are verses 1 massive day in an IM.


Yeah, cool just apply your knowledge to the plans then :+1:

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I used FD LV tri plan for IM Wales (same course) but ditched the run workouts fairly early on and dropped one of the swims. I felt the bike part of the plan was spot on, although you won’t have to look after your legs as much.

What did you use for the run workouts?

I use the Improver plan from the Brighton Marathon as a guide to where I should be in terms of long workouts, and pick some key workouts during the week. I had used the plan a few months before to do an open marathon, so I knew what I could handle and mix in with the rest of the training load.

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Hello everyone. I’m getting back to training after 3 months completely off training (or any meaningful physical activity actually :pensive:) so I’m pretty much starting from scratch.

I had a Olympic triathlon event in the end of March (Challenge Lisbon) that was postponed to September, and that kind of killed all the motivation I had. Combined with stress related to buying a house and work, led me to this huge break.

However I ended up signing for Ironman 70.3 Cascais 2021 (October), so I really need to start preparing :sweat_smile:

I’ll start this next week doing SSB I LV and running 3x week Zone 2. Pools are closed so no swimming yet. Hope I can stick to it. I’m really unfit right now, so this first few weeks will be hard.

Wish me luck :crossed_fingers:


:pensive: less than a week out we have a lockdown in NZ and it looks like Ironman NZ will not go ahead as planned. Hoping they can defer for a few weeks or maybe a month.

Training wise what are your thoughts? I’m half tapered and in great shape. I can’t hold this fitness for several more weeks… the mental side is probably the toughest with the on-again off-again nature of the situation.

What should I do?

Oh man, I can’t even imagine. Hard to advise what to do without knowing how far out they push it. Maybe a slight rebuild and taper?

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More info coming today apparently but the organisers are in a tough spot. Most people travel in for the race so it is very hard to reschedule with road closures, accommodation, flights, etc etc. I’m keeping my hopes up for a shortish deferral :crossed_fingers:

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Oof. Take it easy! There’s no value rushing back into it so even with LV don’t be afraid to drop the intensity and z2 running don’t force the distance, for me the main goal would be getting the habit and cycle of training and worry about duration and intensity later.


I cant find any news on it, so it really depends on if they defer a week or two or not. If it’s definitely not happening for a few weeks I’d be thinking about maintaining volume with a few more long rides, but I’d be cautious about raising run unless there’s like a month delay.

Tricky. :man_shrugging:t2:

Yes that’s the main goal, build back the habit. But I find structure makes it easier to stick to the training and get back in.

So at least on the bike I’ll try to follow a TR plan. Running I’ll start easy, only Z2 for about 30-40 minutes 2-3 times a week.

Let’s see how it goes. Its kind of demoralizing because I think I was in the best shape of my life before this break, and now I’m back to square one.

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Seeking some advice from the wisdom of the crowd. I’ve completed MV base, now wrapping up MV Build. The plan had me next starting specialty. However, my July 5th race (Roth) was cancelled and IMC is 25 weeks away. I’m starting to feel a bit bagged, but not sure if physical or mental that the races keep getting pushed. So, is the new plan to push through specialty at maybe LV or revert back to MV base then MB build? How are y’all making adjustments with races cancelled or pushed?

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Sooo…just got an email from a local race director (Rhode Island) that the state has given him a go ahead for a duathlon on April 17th. Very tempted, except 2 5ks just doesn’t appeal to me :sob:. I will use my birthday tomorrow as an excuse to get a thumbs up from the family. This also bodes well as the Sprint I am signed up for September is put by the same Company. Fingers crossed I get a tri in this year.


That’s a shame!

I think if you delete the July event and fire up plan builder again it will reschedule plans accordingly - prrsonally though I’d finish build with a virtual 70.3 to get a race like measure of progress and some king of reward for what you’ve put in, take a recovery week or two then restart base/build.