The Ironman Training 2021 Thread

Sounds good :slightly_smiling_face:

As you’re new to TR (and maybe structured training?) and have three or four weeks in hand, you might want to break yourself in with Sprint Base Low Volume.

I don’t know what your training history is or unstructured riding plans are, but Low Volume is worth considering and we’ve had a few here qualify for Kona using LV.

Can I ask what kind of routine you do with them and how frequently?

I disagree. That’s like asking your gym provider to decide when they’ll open and close - the decision is out of their hands. The only thing they can do is cancel a race before the government tells them to…how and why would they know better than the government as to when to pull the plug? They’re event organisers not epidemiologists.

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Well, being forever hopeful… this week I moved from Prep to Base 1.

The main difference for me, is my long ride is now up to 3hrs (from 2) and my long run is up to 2hrs (from 90mins)

Onwards and upwards

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I’ve done various sets with them, but these days I typically do 50 strokes on 1’ centers (or sends if I want to keep it on swimming terms :joy:). Lately I’ve been mixing up 5x1’ sets of slower and more controlled catches just to my thighs with 5x1’ sets of faster, more full strokes which brings the HR up more. I do at least 15’, but did 50’ on Tuesday. I alternate single-arm pulls just like freestyle (bringing my hands back low on the recovery though) and do them bent over at the hip - - I’ve done them on a bench in the past, but I find my core gets more involved since I can rotate my body more standing up. Frequency varies depending on motivation level, but I try for a couple times a week. They obviously don’t replace actual swimming, but they do help ingrain the feeling of engaging more muscles than just your arms and some of that carries over in the water.


Thank you.

I am new to TrainerRoad but not to structured training. The intensity level of my plan is a little less than the plan I used for my last Ironman.


Hi everyone, finished my last long ride today, last long-ish run tomorrow morning. Ironman 70.3 in under two weeks. My last race was 1 month ago and I’ve had a good block of training since then. The next 10 days will be a big drop in volume but keeping intensity. I need to freshen up a bit but I like to have some load before a race.

Sorry for those of you who can’t race at the moment. Hang in there, You will all be racing soon!


Very jealous but happy for you - you’ve put in the hard work, now time to reap the rewards :slight_smile:

I watched a few YouTube clips just now to try to strike some memories of Taupo as I visited back in 2000 but it’s been too long, I still remember the hot springs though. What’s the water like in Lake Taupo at the moment?

Looks like @THumphrey has some experience there, and maybe @rcbtri and @mattstewartonline

The lake is always cool, but not too cold. Fresh water is always a bonus as well! The mornings are getting colder here now and darker but that means I should finish before it gets too hot.

I’ve never ridden the bike course on a TT bike, but I’ve finished several bike races that used the same roads. The dull feeling of that big chip seal is never welcome but it is common on NZ roads.

The run course along the lakefront is the best part. I’m not going to get any faster now so just a little polishing before the day, then a week of rest and icecream :icecream:

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I’m heading up also just to do the bike leg as part of a team. I did a 2:34 bike last year when I did the entire thing, first crack at that distance. I had no power, no idea how to pace the bike and no idea what training zones were.

What a year or TrainerRoad, this forum and podcasts etc does to your knowledge, feeling confident for a 2:20-2:25.

Recently did an aqua bike and held 0.84 IF for three hours 112km so hoping to put in a great bike leg for my team.

The water is beautiful in Taupo. Very clear and because you stay close to the shore it’s quite shallow you can see the bottom the entire swim. Can’t comment on water temperature, it’s always a shock to the system anytime!


That’s great, good luck with that. Are you using a power meter this time? I guess this will be an all out effort rather than paced to run after.

I mean, you’re objectively right that they can’t predict the future, but I think my point is not for them to be able to predict, but to have a clear go/no go structure in place. If it’s X weeks out from the event start and it’s still muddy whether they’ll be able to go, then I think they should call it. I’m even pretty neutral on what that exact timeline is, but transparency and consistency have to come into play when people are planning so much training and travel around races that no one knows are even happening or not. I don’t expect them to be able to predict what cities will allow or not, but I think there comes a point where if they can’t get a solid yes, they should communicate that.


I did have a power meter for the aqua bike which was good to get some baseline data! The course was very flat however so I’ll need to do some thinking about the Taupo course. It was a headwind on the false return last year, wonder what I’ll get this year.

Basically a 90km TT isnt it - its gonna hurt.

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Quick advice from this group. Had an insane work week and essentially skipped all of week 7 of MV base for the Half plan. I’m thinking that I should either got into build next week and treat last week as an early rest week or I should go back and do that big base week again. Doing a week 8 rest week after a down week seems like a wasted week after what was a quasi rest week. My plan builder plan right now is a Base Build Base Build Speciality which had some B And C events before July that I expect will be canceled anyway. In either case my plan builder plan will get rejiggered. So back to more base or skip the rest week and start build.

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Ironman prep phase is nearly upon me. Completed my 1k TT in the pool 13:09. Stoked on the result. 11s improvement.

Starting march will be my big bike volume, spending increasing interval lengths in SS, and implementing weekly “aerobic” bricks. Concurrently I will be embarking on a 6 week build of running at MLSS. I saw AMAZING results last time I did this so looking forword to doing it again. It should line me up well for the start of a few prep races.
IM Tulsa is only 12 weeks away! :stuck_out_tongue:


A week off training has barely any noticeable detraining effect in my experience.

If work is still stressful and/or you’re not feeling strong you might use the planned recovery as is - no point forcing through a hard training week if it doesn’t fit.

If work is back to normal and you’re feeling strong you can just start Build a week early.

I don’t see any need to go from base to base, and a build now can allow you to go back to base for another cycle if your races are delayed.

Thanks - I just decided that I’d keep the rest week as is. Build is usually hard for me so a little extra rest won’t hurt. I’m also going to use this recovery week to get a baseline for my running as I think I’m going to use a non-TR running plan through the next build phase.

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Not really an Ironman but…
I’m doing Long Course Weekend Tenby (IM distances but spread over 3 days) in June & a 70.3 in Sept. I’ve used plan builder as these are my only 2 races & both are A races.

Looking at the weeks before my (sorta) IM I’m terrified by the lengths of the runs & rides, particularly the weekend before, how have other people found this short taper?


That seems kinda crazy to have a long, hard weekend the week before an A event like that. I don’t know if Plan Builder isn’t processing the 3 Day event as a whole or focusing on just one of the events?

But I would not do that weekend as structured. The idea is solid, but it should be at least 2 weeks prior to the event, preferably 3 or 4. Basically but,d towards that weekend being the end of a peak volume week and the start to tape down gradually from there.


Yeah as Power13 says. No way I’m doing a 2h40 run the weekend before LCW.