The Evil Elephants +4 on tap today

One of my hated workouts. Well, maybe hated isn’t the correct adjective…but let me just say this workout is a major rival. I attempted it back in 2018 and failed. It’s stuck in my mind ever since. Ever since I saw Plan Builder put it on the calendar I’ve been looking forward to locking horns with Elephants +4 again.

So, now I write this post & leave my ride data public for all to see. If Elephants +4 defeats me again today, please everybody deride me in this thread. Pull no punches.


Its a club - I also hate the Evil Elephants workouts - I had, and spectacularly failed at Elephant +2 last week

Best of luck!

go get 'em :muscle:

Good luck dude! I did elephants +4 on Wednesday and it was beastly.

on a somewhat unrelated note, i feel like those long suprathreshold workouts are dependent on your mental state moreso than anything else. if i can just deal with each interval as it comes and not think about the rest of the workout it goes by just fine. If i’m tired or unmotivated they’re absolutely crushing.

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Touchdown! Now spike the ball and do a little end zone dance :tada:


Awesome Job! :sunglasses:


Just did the evil dance with Elephants +4. Made it to 2min into the last interval before blowing up mentally and physically. Was trying to hold 302 watts for each interval. I backed the intensity down to finish the interval and then progressed it back up to 100% for the remainder of the workout.

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