The energy growth!

Started trainerroad with virtual power, a kurt kinetic road machine, and the low volume full distance plan with plan builder. B race is a self supported half July 11th and ironman panama city November 7th. I came into TR with 2 triathlons and 1 duathlon the previous year. Longest ride before TR was 25 miles. First ramp test in January estimated a 134 ftp. I weigh 135 lbs or 61kg. omegle Started the base phase and in April cane another ramp test and I got 150 still with virtual power. Since the weather was getting nice and I wanted to do the long 3 plus hour rides outside I bought a assioma uno in mid may. I didnt have another ramp test until June 9th but read you should always retest with a new power device especially since switching from virtual power. I went ahead and did another test with the new power meter in mid may and got 168. Fast forward to June 9th and I got 174. I started at 2.2 watts per kg to now at 2.8 and still feel like I’m improving. I can’t even begin to describe how much structured training has been a game changer. TR has pushed me way harder than I would have pushed myself with just riding outside with no workout goals in mind. I’m excited to keep at it and see what I get on my next ramp test!