The Doughnut is NOT Done!

Due to recent medical issues (which may or may not actually kill me :man_shrugging: ) I’ve made the decision to pull the plug on my TrainerRoad and racing career. At least until I get the all-clear to resume (if I get the all-clear…).

I definitely learned a sh*t ton in my time here and had a bit of fun along the way (fun offset by Coach Chad’s abuse :tired_face: ). It’s a massive bummer because I had some big goals and really wanted to see how far I could push my potential, but…that’s life.

And because I don’t really want to end up super bitter and still be able to enjoy the sport in which I can no longer participate, I’ll hopefully be working with a professional sports psychologist to guide me through a positive “retirement” (even more awesome that she’s the cycling proficient sister of the guest star of AACC podcast #171 :smiley:).

In my memory, all I ask is that you do a VO2max workout…or the old school Mary Austin. :smiling_imp::rofl:

(In lieu of flowers, please send large sums of cash to my inbox.)



:open_mouth: Wow! So sorry to hear your bummer news. :frowning:

I am sure that we all wish you the best as you move forward.

Please stick around if it works for you and the pursuit of the other direction.
Your input here is always interesting and thought provoking.


You have been a great contributor and have shown a huge amount of both knowledge and humour.

Sorry to hear of your leaving and good luck with whatever you do next.


I’m really sorry to hear that. I wish you all the very best. But do stick around here though👍


All the best but I do think you should stay around the forum, you have some good insights.


Take care of yourself @Captain_Doughnutman

While I’m very sorry to hear you’re hanging it up, I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t be for too long…

Keep us posted on whatever new endeavors you choose to replace cycling in the meantime. I’m sure you’ll approach them with the same enthusiasm that kept all of us entertained here in TR land.


really bummer news… :frowning:

I can’t do very hard Vo2 like Mary Austin since i’m in tapper form my A race… but i will givo today´s Huxley instead


Sad to hear, well first off hope you recover and get better.
Just remember without all the workouts don’t get carried away with donut eating!


dude so sorry to hear this! i hope all turns out OK!

I will do Mount Forakers +4 today and try not to throw up.


Bad news on a bunch of levels. Take care of yourself and hopefully things will get better.


Hope your health issues resolve and you can continue doing what you love


Really sorry to hear Doughnut,hoping to read a post eventuallly where you announce your comeback.

Till then…just replaced this weekends Mary Austin -1 with the regular one.
If I keel over it will be in your honour…plan to tell the bastards in hell I’m there to take your place so they’ll give you an extra 20years!



Doughnuts are never done! Never say never!


So sorry to hear the bad news… I do hope you’re able to fully recover and find yourself back in the saddle sooner than later.

I haven’t been on the boards that long but I definitely found myself seeking out your posts… I always found them to be interesting, entertaining, and thought provoking/enlightening.

I have applied your logic/rationale to sweet spot work to my own training, specifically when it comes to duration of the intervals and rest time inbetween the intervals.

I understand why you would want to step back from the boards… but if doesn’t bum you out, I genuinely hope to see you contributing and posting to the TR community during your training hiatus while you focus on your health.


Sorry to hear that. I hope things turn out well.

Hopefully you’ll be able to get back on the bike at some point in the future, and also rejoin the forum. I’ll miss your humor!



Sorry to hear this and hope it doesn’t kill you. Can you switch to an e-bike. My friend who has deteriorated lung function due to exposure to bad stuff in the military keeps riding with an EMTB.



Darts? Bowling? Pool?



Just catching up on your other thread to get the background behind this decision. I can understand your choice, but I’d hope this is just a short sabbatical while you figure out what’s going on. It sounds really scary and confusing, and I’m glad you found an awesome sports psychologist to help you through this. I’d certainly need some help to navigate a similar situation.

I’ve really enjoyed your posts and contributions, and I hope that you will continue to provide knowledge, good cheer, and humor to everyone. However, if it’s too mentally painful, we’ll all understand.

Hope you can figure out your situation soon!!


Very sorry to hear about your problems
Plus one for the ebikes if you are able. I’ve got a few friends with dodgy tickers knackered knees, and in one case something a lot more serious. Ebikes have literally given them a new lease of life. Best of luck for the future.


Bashful +6 tomorrow for you!

best of luck and I really hope it all gets to a good place for you

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