The Bike Fitting Mega-Thread

  • Yeah, I think the basic extension looks reasonable. Tough to tell from just one angle, but the hip movement might be normal for you.
  • Hard to tell on fore-aft, but you might even want to try sliding the saddle back about 5mm to see how you like the feel. Will open your reach a bit for one thing. If you like it, you may need to drop your saddle a couple of mm to offset for the “extra height” added by moving the saddle back.

Was thinking the same about going back a few mm. The hip movement might actually be due to too low load. I was doing this with somewhere around 50-60% ftp I think.
Will also experiment a bit with the handlebar position. Thanks for the input! :slight_smile:

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For fitting, I like to have the rider around Sweet Spot power unless they have a desire to focus at another power level more important to them. Hard but doable and sees what happens when they start to turn the screws a bit.

Quick question for you all - should I aim to get my MTB setup the same as my road bike? With reference to saddle height and fore/aft around the BB.

Assuming same cranks and saddle on both.

Or is there a rationale for having different measurements in relation to the BB for road and MTB?


You should have at least a slight difference in saddle to BB measure on your road & MTB due to the higher stack height of the MTB. It’s probably ~5mm +/- depending upon which shoes / cleats you use for road & MTB.

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Forgot about the cleat differences!

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