Bike Fit question

I just finished building a gravel bike early this week. Love the SRAM explore line and how smooth the bike feels, however I’m just not sure the frame is going to fit me. It feels as though the reach is too short and that my center of gravity is way too far forward. However is I address this and move the seat farther back I have to lower the seat to the extent that I I feel like I’m too far down into the frame and my position becomes even more upright. I have a 100mm stem and the same saddle that I have on my road bike. I don’t mind at all to get a bike fit done, but if the frame doesn’t fit me there is nothing a bike fit could really do. I’m 6’1 and have a longer torso than I have legs and also have ridden 58mm road bikes. This is my first gravel bike, but it just doesn’t feel right all all. Almost like I’m simultaneously too far forward over the front tire and sitting up too straight. I have attached some screenshots from a video I had my wife take to this for context. I am on a 3-4% grade in the photos. One other note is that I prefer the saddle to be on the lower side of the acceptable spectrum. Any input would be appreciated. I got a killer deal on the frame and could probably make a few dollars on the frame if I decide that’s the issue and sell it. Thanks!

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