The 2019 Kona Thread + Pro Winner Polls!

That highly depends on the longboard consumption Wednesday night…but yes, I plan on it. We get in Wednesday afternoon. :call_me_hand:

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We expect at least one backflip per ride… :wink:

hah! You are in luck. Offseason = backflip season. Literally just aired up the ol 20’’ tires yesterday.


Chad contemplating his next deep dive on the way to Kona.



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After being privileged to be featured on the Kona edition last year (2018) and now having coached another 2 triathletes into qualification for this years race (both avid TR users) - I am really excited to hear from other TR Kona qualifiers. This time from the more moderate climate of the UK. Have a great time out there guys. F9FCEC5D-1EAA-4BD5-BC75-2274D9F2AC8A_1_105_c ![IMG_0855|666x500]


We just spoke with Kona Brewing Co and the Happy Hour was capped at 30 people. Technically it’s “full”, but I don’t think they’d be upset if you go to Kona Brewing Company and just happen to let us buy you some drinks. ;).

That said, if you can’t make it and still want to meet up, come join our rides and drop us a message and we’ll connect! We have tons of swag. :wink:


See you guys on Wednesday night.
I’ll join you on the Thursday and Friday rides too.

Good times!!

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Racing IM Louisville Sunday, so cannot be there in person. But my non-TR training partner is spectating at Kona, so sending her to ride with you guys. Hoping she can pick up some swag and you guys can convert her to TR since she will not listen to me :blush:


Why no beer?

Interview my pal Andre from Kiwami. He’s in the expo and they make the most awesome tri wear in the sport; even an ice pocket behind the neck. 22 Ironman races (7 Konas) he’s quite a guy…

RSVP for 4, looks like 2 of us are going. So a couple more spots open

Many thanks for organising the evening Jonathan, it was good to meet you all and chat on what was a really good, sociable evening :+1:


Good article on Lucy Charles on the bbc, first time I’ve really seen an article on anything above Oly’s that wasn’t primarily about Ali B.

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Hi Fellas
Was great to meet you yesterday ( if that wasn’t obvious). Enjoy the rest of your stay :slight_smile:


We’ve been to Kona for 4 years now, and every time I am overwhelmingly impressed with these athletes and charged with motivation to train, but this year it’s different.

Now that we’ve committed to giving triathlon an honest go in 2021, I honestly can’t wait to get started. I don’t think any of us will make it to Kona, but it’ll be a privilege to try.

Cheers to all of you who take on the massive challenge of being a full-distance athlete!


My ten bucks on Anne looking very good now :blush:

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Anyone have the news on what happened to Lionel? Seemed like he was expected to finish better than he did but I didn’t hear if something may have happened to him to slow him down? I know he was hurt and isn’t fully back yet.

I don’t think anything “happened” necessarily. He had a very good swim, smart bike, and just didn’t have it on the run. It happens. Everyone expected the uberbikers to overtake the leaders around the turnaround, no one saw foresaw how brilliantly Jan and TO would ride. Those two laid down two of the greatest performances the race has ever seen.