Getting ready to race this morning. Hope the only thing we catch is the break

About 50 riders are rolling the dice in more ways than one this morning! Possibly risking it all for a little fun on the bike.

Wish us luck.


Good luck, and have fun!

Your not in Texas I hope.

Have fun!

No. I am in KS. Gravel is way better here.

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Controversial victory. A lot of riders showed up. I had a ton of fun.


I hope things change here in Texas. I did my first gravel ride in the “Hill Country” west of Austin back in March. Absolutely loved it. Was signed up for a whole summer’s worth, and then the cancellations started rolling in

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Awesome report. Hilarious ridewithgps tale! (I won’t spoil it for the others - go read for yourselves.)

I read Driveway Series has been back on for a few weeks now, but with more rules around distancing when not racing. Basically no spectators, mandatory masks for everyone while not racing, and racers must leave immediately after their race.