6 paired devices + power never matching = BUSTED workout

I want to see if anyone can help me out.

I go to set up for my ride. Here is my set up: Garmin 1030 head unit, Garmin 3 pedals (yes I calibrated). Tacx Neo Smart trainer, Mac computer running TR, HR monitor.

When I go to “pair devices”, 7 windows show up (see pic attached) TR

I start workout and here is what happened:
[1] Power on Mac reads +20 watts higher than what my 1030 reads
[2] I got fed up and switched to “Resistance” and still power is reading different

This sucked because I was trying to go for a personal best 3’ power, and I don’t know which power reading is correct to follow…??

Unpair the tacx power meter and the second instance of the neo.