Testing for Aerobic Decoupling

I got the HRV logger for Android, and have used it on about 6 or so rides, all steady state efforts. I’m using a tickr2 as my HRM, and I don’t think I’m getting good data. I’ve attached 3 screenshots from my latest ride, and the number of artifacts removed concerns me, as well as that I get a blank screen on the ‘alpha 1’ metric when I hide noisy data. Looks like the data is very noisy, which would explain how variable the data is when I am just riding steady. The spikes in the middle and end are when I was off the bike. I might spring for one of the recommended Polar HRMs to see if that fixes this.
@marco_alt Is this the kind of problem you have seen with Tickrs?

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I’m using Tickr2 on iOS and not having any issues with artifacts. Only spikes are when I get off the bike

Are you paired over Bluetooth or Ant?

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hi @toyman, thank you for trying this method and the app.

Yes, this data is certainly unusable for HRV analysis (DFA or other) due to the very large number of artifacts detected. You might be able to see some of these issues for a shorter ride also by looking at the RR intervals time series, there might be more “high-frequency noise” on the signal, which should otherwise be quite flat due to the naturally low variability during exercise. Another check could be to look at rMSSD for the same recording, you would expect very low values 2-5ms, while if there is more noise, it could be a bit higher.

Unfortunately, the Tickr has provided inconsistent results so far, even here I see just the message below yours @stevemz is reporting data that seems accurate (it is not really possible to tell without looking at the actual waveform, so we can only try to estimate the quality by looking at abnormal beat to beat deviations, which is a decent method).

On Android we have not enabled ANT for this app, so the protocol does not seem to be the problem (which instead might be the problem when using .fit files as previously reported also on this forum, when we didn’t know that ANT was very prone to packet loss).

If you have the opportunity to try a different strap or are interested in changing strap, then my recommendation is always the Polar H10, which works with both Bluetooth and ANT and therefore can be also used with other tools

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@toyman definitely recommend the H10, it’s working well for me, even with running. I have had the odd recording with artifacts but it is very uncommon; I think there must be the occasional time when I don’t sit the strap correctly or something like that.


Thanks Marco - H10 is ordered.

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I’m missing something about how to test this. Just read the TP guide and they talk about first half and second half of the ride. Then calculating the ratio differences between them.

What if I ride for 2hours, and then the decoupling only happened 10 mins before I got home?

How would you work it out. Something wrong with how I’m understanding this, something simple I’m not getting.

I just look at intervals.icu, and it’ll just tell you…

Obviously you need to be a bit careful with which data range you select, so you only have a long z2 effort and no breaks or sprints in, and exclude the warmup and cool down.

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Seriously? Where in intervals can you find that… I’ve done a ton of Z1 POL rides lately too, it could be pretty accurate for me…

Ah wait, I found an option in the individual rides, that gives a ‘D’ and a % beside it.

That’s interesting but kinda hard for me to know overall what my % is overall. Do I just find my best long endurance ride and use that?


Only started using HR again recently to take a look at this stuff better, so many just got half a dozen decent rides to pick from at the moment. But from what I’ve got, I’m not really sure how to interpret any of it…

Click on Activity Power and scroll down to the HR chart.

Move the sliders to cut of the beginning and end of the ride to see the decoupling


On your individual ride page go to the activity power tab on the left had side - there is more detail on the de-coupling stuff there @Shrike - will look something like this:

EDIT: Use the sliders on that chart to show de-coupling for the ranges @Bbt67 is suggesting for you :slight_smile:


As @ojtCycling said, at the bottom of the power tab for the activity. Use the sliders to pick the range of the ride that you want to evaluate (ie, without warmup/cooldown). The bottom graph shows when decoupling starts to happen, but I’m less confident in that graph.

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You can set the default warmup and cooldown time in the general settings.



Ah gotcha, thanks guys! Never been in that area before… I had two rides up there. Both give different results though.

3 hour ride from 45min to 2hr 40

4 hour ride from 45min to 2hr 40

The first one might be pulled down a couple of 0.1s by the stop or coasting around two hours. Although having said the the HR and Power look level after that so there is every reason to believe the decoupling is about 1.5 - 1.6, looks like a solid Z1 ride (3 zone model)

Second one; still a solid Z1 ride, HR only just sneaking up a tiny bit in the last quarter, still well under the random 5% that gets quoted.

A side the stop/coasting at 2 hours in the first one that we can see what where other differences in the rides i.e, Which was hotter, were you better hydrated in the first? These are questions its good to ask yourself to make sense of differences.

Although, not really any differences there, both look good.

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Is it worth doing a really boring ride on the flats for like 4 or 5 hours and holding a steady power just to get a good value, or is it not worth anything much more than what this is saying already?

Or should I just say yeah it’s okay to ride at this power and I’m safely in Z1 and be done with it?

Not really a huge fan of riding endlessly on the flats but if it was worth something data wise I could bang it out at the weekend.

IMO, No, it won’t tell you anything more, there is not really difference between 1 and 4 or so. It depends on the day. Also if you did it on a hot day or got dehydrated it might end up higher.


It is only a metric. Result from one ride prove nothing as this can be influenced by your feeling, fatigue, hydration, nutrition etc. I look at decoupling along with EF as part of bigger picture across multiple rides.

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Thanks that works for me!

Now to see if I can creep the power up and keep within this 1 to 5 metric. Need something to stay occupied mentally each week :upside_down_face:

This intervals site is class, no way it should be free. Some effort must have went into it. Will sub now.


It’s on Android now