Tested Positive for Covid19? Post your experience here

I am a geek about my physiology and thats why I put this up. To see if there is any consensus or commonality of others. We arent doctors and what happens to me doesnt mean it is gonna affect you the same. Kinda like your stockbroker telling you past performance of this stock doesnt guarantee future performance.

55yr old male. Serious Recreational Cyclist. No talent for racing. Avg 8 to 10 hours a week.

Infection Time Line with symptoms

Sat 70 mile ride felt great. Sunday recovery spin felt great had a light occasional cough. Not to try and hack something up or a tickle. Monday did a hard but short Vo2 workout. Tuesday morning felt like I had overdid it in the weight room. Legs, ankles, hips and back. Chalked it up to efforts on the previous days workout. At break I noted my resting HR. It was 67! Normally 50to55. WTH. Took some Advill (yes I shouldnt have)within 45 min felt normal. By lunch telling wife I was going to ride long and steady that afternoon after work. I work for a large retailer. When the Advill wore off, I just felt a bit whooped but the soreness of the legs and joints from the morning were gone. Decided to take a rest day. Wife went to hold my hand and said you are kinda warm. I didnt feel it but ok. Temp 99. Usual for me is 97.9. Went to bed and woke up early Wed with light chills. Fever now a shade over 100. Get sent home from work at a wellness precheck. On the way home there was a tire on a trailer locked up and the driver didnt know it. It was pouring smoke. It was so bad I was thinking why isnt that on fire? Then it dawned on me Why cant I smell that? With the window down still no…Crap. Do TeleDoc and they say get tested. I go get tested. Negative for flu and strep. Covid results in 3 days. At the clinic I notice some tightness in the middle of my chest. Doc says you are pretty congested. Continue to run low grade fever, light cough the rest of the day and evening. Thursday am the fever is gone and the light cough is reduced but now a sore throat. Not bad but its there with the chest. My gastro bits start growling in a weird way that Ive never had happen. No build of pressure. Just a bunch of noise. Thursdays symptoms continue thru Fri. I get a call and get the positive conformation. Today is Sat and the previous days symptoms are there but in a lesser degree. That being said. If I didnt know what I was looking for, I would of returned to work as soon as the fever was gone. The lack of smell thing freaked me.

Things about how my body is reacting to this.

My heart rate variability was totally normal until Tuesday am. I hit an alltime low with that metric My resting HR was 15 beats high. I dont know where the water is going. I know how to hydrate. My Tanita scale does a pretty good job and I know what I need to take in to hit certain numbers. Im drinking a quart of water every two hours and its not going in the toilet. My weight isnt going up either, Im putting down 2 gallons a day and just sitting in bed.

Doc said very low intensity on the trainer is fine if body feels like it. I feel I could drop 50miles but know that would be stupid. Will do first light trainer session later this evening and see how my lungs feel.

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