Tell AT to ignore bad sensor data

This is my last workout… My heart rate monitor wasn’t returning accurate data. Will this mess up AT’s analysis, or is it no big deal? I think it would be useful if we could tell AT – after the ride – that some of the data (HR in this instance) should be ignored.

Mono by julianfishtown at Saturday, Nov 13 2021 - TrainerRoad

AT does not care what your heart rate data looks like. Only the power produced vs expected as well as any breaks taken, plus your subjective feedback after the fact.

They have even repeatedly stated that heart rste is an exceedingly poor benchmark to use in training ( probably only is there cause so many people want to see it )

The only thing I have seen them actively use heart rate for, is TSS estimation on outdoor rides lacking a power meter.

Don’t worry about it :+1:t3:

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Thanks. And yup, i’ve used the outdoors hr-based tss estimation a few times and it seems to work very well.

I was definitely surprised how close it seemed to line up with the power i had estimated i was putting out so far.

My cross/gravel bike lacks a power meter and i finally got to try it out recently!

So poor they claim it gives better TSS estimates than RPE?

Well if TR doesn’t know how to use both power and HR, that doesn’t make HR useless. It simply makes TR performance analytics a one dimensional tool.


I disagree with you.

I think heart rate is really good for training as it is an indicator when things aren’t optimal… tiredness and illness for example.

Not sure what you disagree with me about?

I have not shared my opinion on heart rate being used in training. I have used it for almost every ride and run i have done over the last 12 years.

I was sharing what TR has said in the past on their podcast in regards to their opinion on basing training off of it on their platform.

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