[Feature Request] TSS Estimates from HR Data

I would really like outdoor rides without power data to do a TSS estimate based on heart rate. I know heart rate is far from perfect, but it’s way more accurate than subjective 1-10 RPE.

Subjective rating requires a mental average of effort, which people aren’t great at. Most outdoor rides (especially MTB) are pretty variable. I always struggle how to rate the effort, especially on longer rides where the difference between a 7 and 8 is a big leap in TSS.

Yes heart rate is affected by things like weather and long term fatigue, but so are subjective scores, so that is no reason not to calculate from heart rate.

I would think calculating a rough TSS from heart rate would not be that hard and is going to be better at helping riders keep weekly TSS on track while cross training (gravel, MTB). Cross training keeps me from burning out on the road/trainer. At the same time, I can’t justify a power meter on every bike.

Also, this approach would be helpful for making TR more attractive to triathletes, since it would be useful for swim and run workouts.

This is answered on their support page.
Right now they don’t plan to add heartrate based TSS for the reasons stated below.

Thanks Warhound, I wasn’t aware they had addressed this. I still think HR is better, but I see they won’t be offering that.

In my experience, heart rate can be an input to TSS, but can not rely on it solely. I did a 6 hr MTB race over the summer where my TSS from HR would’ve been ~600.
Using the TR “race pace” RPE estimate, my TSS was 438. Maybe still a little high, but a lot closer to what I think my “actual” TSS was.