Taxc flux - what are your thoughts?

Have seen a late Black Friday deal on a taxc flux smart training to replace my dumb one should go for it ? Or buy the more expensive version ? Any help would much appreciate as I tend to over research these things and talk my self out. Thank

I’ve been running one since Jan 2017 successfully. At first I think it took a couple of weeks to get TR and the Tacx firmware up and running right, but after that it’s been great. I’ve been doing all workouts in erg mode in a low gear to minimize flywheel inertia.

I know others have given it bad reviews, but for me it’s been great at a significant discount compared to the Kickr, Hammer, Neo etc.

Took me a couple of TR sessions to get used to ERG mode but now I’m converted. I’d definitely recommend the Flux based on my experience :+1:

I am on my second flux. My brother has had two DOA. Another club mate had his first DOA.

The flux has fairly tight resistance floors and ceilings relative to flywheel speed so erg is good but requires some interaction for the best results.

All that said if you get a good one it’s an excellent unit and good value for money now. I’m happy with mine. I can comfortably have a TV show playing and no longer need headphones at absurb volumes to be able to hear. These days my fan (a 20" industrial fan…) Is the loudest thing in the room by a long way.

Can add to this, I know three people who have had issues and got replacement units, but I’ve been rocking mine 2/3 times a week for a year now with no problems

I got a flux S last week, started a thread on it about some issues I’ve had so far. My main issue is with ERG mode where it seems to struggle badly. I see some poster above are saying to use the small ring, but in reality it should work both in big and small ring. ERG mode seems to be overly difficult form the 2 workouts I’ve done.

I plan to put my power meter on it for my next workout and do a full comparison on the power figures to see if ERG mode is harder than it should be.

When I changed to resistance mode it felt more like what I was expecting it to be.

I have the original flux, with I purchased on discount around a month ago.

Good points

V. Responsive to changes
Smooth in operation
Connects and calibrates easily, doesnt drop out

Bad points

Gave off a strange chemical smell when it warmed up for the first few rides
Occasionally the flywheel seems to rub slightly
Will only allow a short cage mech to change gear
the universal hub will not work with some campag casettes
Struggles to hit high wattage interval deviations quickly

Mine cost me £360, which i consider a bargain and glad i didn’t pay more for something else.

Had mine for over a year now and happy with it. You do have to use the little ring to hit the lower power targets due to the flywheel size.

There are horror stories but it comes with a two year repacement warranty which TAXC will honour.

Overall I’m happy with mine, connected via Bluetooth to the IOS app.

Only disappointment I have with mine is that I need to change gears when in erg more to hit the right power targets. Not how a smart trainer should work.
It tells me on TR that the power is correct but when I connect my power meter it tells me otherwise.
Must be in small ring for low power and big ring for high power.
For the money though it works ok I suppose

My top tip is avoid! I’ve had one for the last five weeks. When I say one, I actually mean three. All three have failed with a squealling and grinding noise which was I believe something to do with the belt. Fisrt two were Flux, second one I upgraded to a Flux S. Yesterday I did a 2.5hr session on Zwift working perfectly, then went out in the evening for another quick ride and I was greeted by the dreaded squeal again.

I can’t fault the retailer at all. They’ve been great. But I’#ll not be getting another. I’ve absolutely lost faith in it. It’s a pity as there’s nothing that comes close to giving what you get with a Flux at that pricepoint. I’m now faced with the dilemma of going back to my dumb trainer, or shelling out a heap of cash just before Christmas for another Smart trainer. I’m really enjoying the feel of the direct drive trainer, but not sure I can justify the outlay for an upgrade to the Neo.



I have a tacx flux 2 and I have noticed that after a ride I have little black bits under the rear wheels and cassette I am worried it’s the belt slow dropping out anybody else noticed this ?