Tarmac SL7 Release date

Maybe their WT riders were going to ride these this year with tubes and didn’t want to go tubeless?

Then they were hoping to get them on tubeless in the future?

I think your weight idea is probably more accurate.

Yes I´ve read that too - totally agree with that. What makes the weight-difference seems to be the wheel-profile that needs to be more rigid for tubeless use because of that “hard to get the tyre on the rim”-thing.

I do think that spesh hardly tries not to be heavier with SL7 compared to SL6 despite of added aero features (foil profiles and hidden-cable-cockpit) because already SL6 frame was light but not outstandingly light. Overall weight SL6 only was lower than competition because of extremely light crankset and wheels.

I´m thinking about just buying frame+cockpit and use the rest of the parts from my actual bike that already is equipped with DA Di2. Don´t wanna pay for these Roval Wheels if they aren´t tubeless ready.

Here’s my guess:

The SL6 will continue for everything below ‘Expert’, as the SL7 will be electronic only. Comp and Sport won’t be available in SL7.

The expert will be a single model with Ultegra DI2 and Roval C38’s just like now, but then things will get interesting…

There’ll be a couple of aero packages,

  • A tarmac aero pro with Roval CL50s and your choice of Ultegra DI2 or Force AXS and Aerofly II bars
  • An s-works aero with Roval CLX Rapides and your choice of Dura Ace DI2 or Red AXS and Aerofly II bars

There’ll be a few GC/Climbing packages

  • A tarmac GC expert with Roval CLX32s and Ultegra DI2 and standard alloy handlebars
  • A tarmac GC pro with Roval CLX32s and Ultegra DI2 or Force AXS and s-works short & shallow bars
  • An s-works GC with Roval CLX Alpinists and your choice of Dura Ace DI2 or Red AXS and s-works short & shallow bars (and maybe the new S-works Power with Mirror saddle)

All just my guesses. Sounds like we’ll know in a couple of weeks.

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Just unveil the bike already the wait is killing me!


Looks like Team Bora is testing the new Tarmac :heart_eyes:


Thank´s eagle eye :wink:

Another Tarmac spotted at the Bora team. This frame looks the same as the Bora one leaked earlier on


Yip you are right. So the leaked photos (3 models) might be correct.

We saw the red one in the US.
Now we have the Bora version.

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I’m hopeful for prices and possibly model specs later this week. At the moment am holding off buying a TCR until see what the deal is with Specialized 21 models.

I’m anticipating being grossly underwhelmed with this bike. Looks like a facelift model. I highly doubt it will be worth upgrading from a SL6, but also suspect a lot of heavily discounted SL6 bikes in the coming months!

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Yea I’d be hard pressed to get a new one when the SL6 goes on sale. Hard to convince myself to shell out so much more money.

This thread was part of the push for me to go ahead and get the 20 Venge… thought about waiting for the new Tarmac or 21 Venge but seems like the Venge won’t change much at all either and the reported switch for Roval to non-tubeless (if that’s true) is a negative IMO. I may run Turbo Cotton for a while, but I at least want the option to go TL since I don’t plan to upgrade wheels any time soon. Interested to see what comes out.

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My original plan was to hold onto my SL5 until the a new electronic ultegra groupset. If SL7 is just SL6 with a new cockpit… that seems like a fine idea to hold onto.

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I hope so :crossed_fingers:My 2018 Cervelo R3 is getting tired.

I’m on a SL5 as well. If the SL7 is all that and a bag of chips, I am considering selling the SL5 and getting the SL7.

I am also curious if it will debut w/new Shimano DA 9200 which should also be coming out this year… 9100 has been out for 3yrs and debuted right before the TdF in 2016. 9200 is almost guaranteed to be 12spd and possibly wireless.

The Tarmac SL7 and Shimano DA 9200 would have likely debuted at the TdF this year, but due to Covid have been postponed to whenever.

I do not want to get an SL7 w/SRAM 12spd nor one w/9100 only to have to swap it out to 9200 later.


I was thinking the same thing but how much longer would we have to wait for the 9200? Last time Shimano debuted I read that it took a year for the bikes to ship with the components.

So I wait until July 27th then have to wait a couple months more for Shimano 9200…but but winter :frowning:

Jep for me the same.

And im pretty sure, that it will be possible to upgrade from 9100 to 9200.

Tire clearance looks BEEFY.

Can someone help me out explaining the geo differences between the tarmac and allez sprint assuming the sl6 shares the same geo. I see the number differences between seat tube length, headtube but not sure what it all means

Currently ride a Allez (#ALLEZGANG) and wondering how the tarmac will differ

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