Talking about everything and nothing

I think we’d all agree that cycling is a great way to meet new people. Yesterday I did my Sunday endurance ride with a guy I’ve never ridden with before. Truth be told, I knew absolutely nothing about the guy. My wife set us both up on a cycling ‘date:laughing:

Apart from the fact that I had a really nice ride yesterday, I realised that I’d cycled for hours with someone I previously knew nothing about and we chatted for the whole ride. The conversation went from Instagram Influencers to private members clubs to COVID Staycations with some basis cycling chit-chat thrown in for good measure.

I love this type of ride and it got me thinking. Do others just jump into a ride with someone unknown? If you do, what random conversations do you have?


Not often but every now and then, a small conversation. It’s pretty cool knowing where the rider is coming from and how much mileage they put in. I generally stay away from women though. For some reason, I creep them out. They don’t say a word to me and just give me this mean look. It’s a mystery to me. This is only when I’m out riding though.

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I got set up on a ride “date” by someone who’s husband was thinking of joining a club.
Did a few hours together and found out that some other people have very interesting lives. We also covered a wide range of topics. Helped the time pass.
He’s subsequently gone on to join the club runs and is enjoying it from what I can tell.


One of my new friends (know each other for about a year now) is someone I met on a random training ride last spring. Out on my normal route and found a dude that was quite fast, ended up annoying each other since we kept overtaking one another.

Started talking, rode a few times after that and then became good friends! :smiley:

Other than that, I often realise how much it is appreciated to just be super kind and open towards other cyclists. I think many stay quiet because they might think they are disturbing.

Also, give compliments to good riders. Like if someone takes a good pull, rides very smooth etc. It really goes a long way and I think it will increase ride quality as well as build confidence.


My best cycling pal and I used to do these rides all the time.

I’m riding with a new group now. They are friendly but this ride is too damn fast (for me) so there is not a lot of chit chat.

No. And I would have bailed out before even meeting.

Interesting topic! I don’t like to go on set riding dates because I’m worried Ill slow the other person down, my schedule usually doesn’t correspond to other people’s schedule, and most of my rides are training rides and Im anal about the training part. But I do love occasional riding along with totally random people. That is a lot of fun!


I forgot which podcast I heard about this on, but apparently synchronized exercise is linked to increase social bonding.

Disclaimer: As with all studies, the result could end being widely misconstrued or overstated — but the early results are interesting.

Social Bonds and Exercise: Evidence for a Reciprocal Relationship

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I feel the same too about slowing folk down. :grin:

And being (kinda) “retired” I can ride mid week but not many other folks can.

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This is one of the best parts of group rides - meeting new people and shooting the breeze with them.


I met a group one day, by them riding my wheel while I was doing some sweet spot intervals. I settled back into the group during the rest period and just rode for fun from that point .It was nice chit chatting with some new people. Also, I found out about a weekly group ride that meets right by my house. Meeting new people who ride usually is a great thing.


Some of the best conversations I have are with strangers.

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