Taking off a fork: Orucase

Hey quick q for you mechanics out there, is there anything I should be extra mindful of while taking off my fork to put my allez sprint in an orucase? I’ve looked at the first part of this video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XJmsiGPWMGM obviously not going to replace the headset, ha.

Here’s the thing, when I had the tube cut at the dealer, I clearly remember some part falling down the steerer tube and creating much grief. I don’t remember which part it was, but I remember much effort to fish it out… this kind of scares me.

Any advice appreciated!

Shouldn’t be too difficult.

Your compression plug probably would be the part that you’re talking about… typically there is a separate bolt that is tightened to install the part and the top cap bolt threads into the compression plug. If the compression plug bolt loosens, it could go down the steer tube but just would need a longer Allen key.

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Yeah! That rings a bell, think that was it. I’ll do a little reading on that piece. Thank you.

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