To cut or not to cut... fork steer tube?

I know this will greatly limit resale but not sure when/if I would sale. I’m guessing maybe at some point but not anytime soon.

Whats the general thought on cutting the front fork steer tube?

How short are you going? I’ve always left a couple spacer’s worth just for fit adjustment even for me.


It shouldn’t really affect resale unless you’ve cut it down to zero spacers.

I think two spacers is a good length.

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'nuff said



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Cut - life’s too short not to look as good as possible :grinning:


I always cut, leaving just enough room for adjustment for me.
As far as resale, I figure anyone buying the same size frame as me is gonna be similar in size to me.


I’m in the no cut club, never know what will happen down the road needing to sell or with an injury. I know a guy who cut his down to look super pro, then got hurt, and now has to ride his Pinarello F8 with something like a 25* rise stem, which IMO looks way more goofy than a few spacers would have.

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Very good point!

This is likely the most practical way to go.

The headset assembly comes with three options, 25mm, 15mm and zero risers. I’ve placed the stem under the spacers and ready to move down to the next size down… Not sure I’d go all the way to zero but definitely 15. Or zero with one or two 5mm spacers.

The only pic I have on my machine…

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I dunno if I would even bother cutting that, I have never been a fan of that type of cable routing but I feel like with the steerer cut it looks more “out there”, maybe just me though. Either way you won’t have a sterile looking cockpit so I’d fall into the why bother camp if it were my bike


Ditto, if you are cutting the steerer for “looks”, that housing routing needs attention as well. They’d look cleaner with shorter trim on the housing.

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Guess I never really thought about this but definitely see your point.

I would for sure have it serviced/addressed. It sort of bothered me when I first got the bike but quickly forgot about it.

Here’s some better pics… You can see I have the spacers above the stem and it looks goofy to me.


i keep 1 smaller spacer above the stem (5mm) and whatever is needed below


That is one heck of a tooth basher / chimney sticking up!!!

At most one 5 mm spacer, but I like to go flat :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am really sorry, but there is no reason to have that chimney on your bike. Apart from the looks being absolutely unacceptable it is an additional crash hazard.

And I don’t believe there is as much a difference in resale value as most people might think. Yes, uncut offers a slightly wider range of positions, but if we’re being honest, poor looks will hurt resale value just as much.

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I dunno about that. I’d buy a bike with a longer steerer and cut it myself if I had to, but I wouldn’t buy a bike with a cut steerer that I have to run a ridiculous looking stem for, like this, which IMO looks worse than a few extra spacers

Don’t cut it. Irrespective of the resale value, the way you have your bars rolled up shows that it’s likely too low for you already. I’d lift the stem up and roll the bars down.


One thing to consider which I don’t think has been mentioned; most carbon steerer tubes have a stack height max, last I looked it averages about 3cm, however I’m not aware of any limitation of stem angle, fashion be dammed. For the record I think flipped stems aren’t great either but, hate to admit it, I’m guilty of it on my road bike. My back prefers to be unfashionable; ie - yeah, I bought the wrong bike. :joy:

From the picture of your bike, although you have the spacers below, you actually have angled your bars up. I suggest you shift the spacers underneath the stem (don’t cut the steerer tube) and rotate your bars so they are parallel with the ground. From the picture it looks like you have a significantly longer torso than leg length, maybe that is just photo distortion, if that isn’t the case you may need a shorter stem. Again from the picture, your set up isn’t overly aerodynamic, eg, your saddle height vs your ‘hoods’?

Rather than focus on the appearance of your bike, I’d focus on your fit and setup. Ride with the new setup for several weeks, fine tune it, and then maybe think about spacers vs steering tube length.

There’s quite a bit of distortion for sure… Doesn’t help that I took the photo while kneeled down and really wide.

The bars may not be 100% parallel with the ground but they are lined up with the stem.

Appreciate all the input form everyone. Exactly why I posted here.