Compression plug hard to tighten in carbon steerer

I have a new road bike and I replaced the existing compression plug (one of those short fsa ones) with the compression plug below. I was changing the stem so wanted to also change the compression plug. The issue I had with this was the inside of the steerer tube seems a literally more slippery so trying to tighten the plug it just kept spinning against the walls. I tried cleaning the inside surface area with alcohol. That maybe have helped a little. I got it installed but sort of had to angle the wrench a bit to get it to and tighten super slowly to prevent slipping.

It’s seems okay now. No play on the headset although I haven’t not ridden it yet. I’m just trying to sort out if I need to remove it again how to make the process easier.

Should I lightly sand the inside of the steerer tube?

I’ve used this plug on other bikes with no issues.

Can’t you tighten it a bit (holding it in your hand) to make it expand a little before putting into the steerer?

I’d grease the threads and underside of the head for the compression screw. Then I’d use fiber grip on the plug, instead of sanding the inner surface of the head tube.


So I tightened to expand plug as much as possible while allowing it to just drop into the steerer tube. But then holding the top and attempting to tighten it would just spin not allowing it to expand more.

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Is fiber grip different from carbon paste or same thing?