Fork/headset assembly for a n00b


I have purchased a new (smaller) frame than my current steed. The plan is to shift as much gear over as possible, and I’m confident with everything other than the installation of the headset.

I understand I need to get myself a tapered headset, but is that all? Bottom half gets pressed into bottom of the tube; top at the, err, top, pop steerer through, add stem, tighten steerer cap?

I see talk of a “crown race” and I’m like: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

How about spacers? I’m not running any on the Ultimate, and I don’t think I can pinch its headset (an Acros Ai-70 - some integrated jobby).

Headset has to be right diameter, angle, etc. There are many. What is on your old bike may or may not be compatible with your new bike. If you don’t know take it to the shop.

Crown races come with a headset. You need a specific tool (though there are other ways) to remove it from the fork and install on the new one. If you don’t have those tools take it to the shop.

You need to set the preload cap before tightening the stem. Spacers can go top or bottom of the stem. Some brands require at least one spacer top or bottom or both. If you don’t know take it to the shop.

Tl;dr: Take it to the shop.


An update – I’m afraid I didn’t take it to the shop.

Managed to purchase the correct headset, install it myself, and took it out for its first outdoor ride this morning. It’s been in a state of assembly for the past fortnight on the trainer, and the brakes were the last thing to shift over.

Pretty satisfying, though frustrating at times – particularly cutting cable housing, of all things.

I suspect next time will be easier… or I’ll take it to the shop :stuck_out_tongue:

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