Taking a recovery week after bailing on couple of workouts?

I was doing well on my training progression. I have also added Bulgarian Split Squats couple times a week, but that and due to many hours at my other job (you know, the one that pays, Ha!) and lack of enough sleep has lead to not enough recovery. Consequently, I failed on Mid Volume II Week 3’s “Carpathian Peak +2” and Week 4’s Tuesday “Spencer” due to really sore legs. I pushed the training plan one week to add a recovery week, and thereafter I will resume the training plan with the week that has “Spencer”.

Should I copy a recovery week from the end of Mid Volume II, something else such as replacing its Saturday recovery workout with a snowshoe day, or any recommendation for a different recovery plan?

For mid training block recovery weeks, I usually play it by ear and don’t have anything scheduled. Day 1 I would throw in Pettit, or Taku depending on how I felt. At the mid point of the week, throw in a ‘feeler’ workout. I believe Nate uses Baxter as his feeler workout to see how the legs have recovered. I personally will do Truuli -2 or Freel to see how my legs are doing. Saturday/Sunday I’ll do a group ride or in your case, you can go snow shoeing. And, end the week with a easy cafe ride or another ‘feeler’ workout / opener to get ready for the week to come.

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