Take Care When Posting

Please take care, when posting, to esure that you do not disparage groups of people, even when you consider it to be done in jest.

I took exception to one such comment and my post was removed whilst the original offensive post remained. Hence this post.

Please treat groups of people as well as you would wish to be treated as an individual.


For anyone that is not aware of the feature, the Discourse app offers a “Flag” function that can be done by any user.

This is TR’s preferred option if you see a comment that potentially violates the TrainerRoad guidelines. They review all flagged comments and respond appropriately.

  • There are just a few rules.
  1. Be excellent to each other
  2. Challenge the idea, don’t attack the person
  3. Contribute Constructively
  4. Don’t break the law
  5. Keep it tidy

I feel that the few rules omit the obligation to respect groups. Yes, these are just collections of individuals, but they are regularly seen as “other” and thus open to abuse. Perhaps the guidance needs to be strengthened or clarified. In the absence of such, I feel it is a collective responsibility of the forum contributors to challenge such behaviours.

I have no idea what you’re cautioning against. What groups of people? Can you add some context?


I would like to say don’t be offended by everything that is said in internet forums…but I won’t :smiley:


Forum mis-interpretation due to poor writing and/or reading comprehension reminds me of this Key & Peele skit. I’m guilty too…
edit. I think an add will show up sorry.


Great sketch from those masters, but an NSFW flag is worthwhile with the language in the vid (after 2x ads from my watch).

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The kick while pushing off the counter… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I would also just like an example. Obviously I have no intention of disparaging any groups, but I consider this a very inclusive and considerate forum compared to the rest of the internet. Therefore, some context would be insightful.

No ads for me (Brave browser FTW)


I just assumed it was a roadies vs MTB vs gravel vs triathlete type thing…


Honestly, that seems a bit benign for a post like this, doesn’t it…? I assumed it was more along the lines of nationality, race, sex, age, or something a bit less, well, insignificant. But who knows, maybe I’m totally misguided.

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This thread was a letdown. I was expecting more spiciness than vagueness


I never met a guy called Abe who didn’t need a poke in the eye.




I feel a great sense of calm now, thank you :joy:



People posting here who clearly hate TR and/or indoor training
People who think accurate FTP testing is really important
People who, no matter what, think the problem is that your FTP is set too high

Or are you thinking of more broad social targets of prejudice?

With the recent changes at The Top I think you’ll find it’s Triathletes vs gravel vs MTB vs roadies thank you.

Indeed. So vague I couldn’t be spicy if I tried.


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Hahah agreed, “I hate this one in particular” lmao