"I don't want my feed taken up by people staring at a TV on a bike."

What’s the mindset behind this type of comment? I figure it must be because he can’t group ride anymore and he’s upset with all the people riding at home? But if that’s the case, why can’t he just go ride solo outdoors? There aren’t any prohibitions on outdoor cycling in the US, AFAIK.

I’ve always gotten a little bit of shade thrown at me on group rides, because I spend 95% of my biking time on the trainer, but it seems to me like the hate has grown since the banning of group rides and bike racing. Are people just that upset that they can’t ride in bunches, that they’re turning that hate against people who ride indoors all the time?

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Presumably this comment is from someone looking at their Strava feed? (The origin is not stated in the OP)

If so, who cares? I see no point in worrying about what other people do or don’t like about my activities. Unless I am impacting them directly, or they are a close friend that has thoughts I value, their opinion is just short of worthless.

Life is too short to worry about other people’s negative thoughts and comments. As long as you are doing what you want to suit your needs and happiness, I’d let it go and focus on other, more positive things.


Sounds to me like a grumpy bastard who either doesn’t like getting stronger, doesn’t like be slower than you, or a mixture of both.

Don’t sweat him, man. Like Chad said, who cares?

Don’t know ‘bout you, but if I saw a TV on a bike, I’d stare! :smirk:


I feel like people only want what they like and then nothing more. Meaning like… So now we have full electronic silent erg mode smart trainers wireless connected to an all encompassing, semi-custom training plan that tracks and adjusts for upcoming events while optimizing training stress, and then they add in one more little optional feature you may or may not use, and there’s always one person who’s all, WELL THIS IS DUMB, TAKE ME BACK TO THE GOOD OLD DAYS.



I feel like if this person doesn’t want their feed taken up by people staring at a TV on a bike, then they should unfollow the people staring at TVs on bikes. People are free to post whatever they like, provided it’s not illegal or hurtful. It’s their choice whether they decide to subscribe to that content or not.
I’ve always been of the opinion that any hobby, regardless of how interesting you find it, is better than complaining about other people’s hobbies.