Taiwan KOM 2024

I’ve just booked my flights for this race in October. Beyond excited.

Has anyone here ever done it before - and are there any training tips, nutrition advice or race strategies that you wish you’d have known beforehand?

I’m 4.7w/kg and should be a bit higher come race day. I’ve done rides with this much total climbing before - but have never ridden a bike at over 2000m in elevation. I can’t realistically drop my body fat any further or get my bike any lighter.

I should be able to ride the course virtually on BKool a couple of times before hand. And will be doing lots of long sweet spot sessions.

Not certain what the exact course is, but It can be hot and humid in Taiwan, especially in the southern half of the island. You’ll want to do some heat acclimation in the weeks before the race. That may also help marginally offset the effects of altitude on the higher climbs.

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Good tip - think the start will be fairly hot but the end quite cold. I’m riding around the island for a week before anyway - but will do my turbo sessions in a warmer room the week before that to help adjust.

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