TACX Training App an appreciation

I just tried it on spec for a zone 2 ride on my Neo. Wow I much rather it to Zwift TBH at mo. Loved the power widget showing the power distribution around the stroke. Spent two hours trying to get the perfect horizontal peanut. Failed mostly and got horrible looking butterflies. Then twigged the thing had flipped the left and right data. I presume it is just guessing with the old Neo, no direct cadence sensor as in the Neo2. Appreciated all the Chadisms on smoothing the stroke. Really helped me IRL but this tool is a different order again. Would love something like that in TR. This should see me through the next month for Z2 stuff.

Thanks for the reminder! I need to try this app since I have a 2T and it came with a 30 day trial code. Been using TR + Zwift together for awhile and was a good distraction. But Zwift is wearing down on me and with the lockdown in the pain cave, would like to view more life like realistic rides during training. I tried Fulgaz and Rouvy but the interface was a bit cumbersome so will hope the Tacx app is much better to use.

Zwift is mad bright, hellishly busy and reminiscent of tomb raider for some reason. The whole jittery quality when it’s crowded has me on edge. I would rather just ride a video for my Z2s. The heads up on the Tacx app is spot on and if there is anyone else on the course there is no overlay avatar to distract you. They are just a dot on the profile and a table split on times. So perfect for me. Really sold on this. Hell I nearly flinched myself off the trainer descending a back road at stoopid IRL speed when I came to a parked car on around a corner. And I cannot praise the power display widget enough. It is revelationary. I thought I was smooth now at higher cadences but I clearly need work. The downstroke is almost completely pulled.

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Ok will definitely do the Tacx app tonight. I did not have any issues on Zwift till now and seeing your post, I now experienced the lag and jitter quality. Maybe it’s because i usually do my workouts in the afternoon, but yea it was a horrible Zwift experience and had to really concentrate on finishing my TR workout instead. Definitely seeing a huge increase in numbers which we all understand, so will have to find other apps for a better experience. Who would’ve known probably the 2nd best app to TR is under our noses. :slight_smile:

How did you get on?

I have been running it for a week now and the shine is wearing off it for me. I still really like the power widget but that is about it now. Of the 4 or 5 rides I did half of them crashed out. Even one that I had downloaded specifically to avoid that problem. Mild gripe, but a bother none the less is that a few of the films have been done with cameras off level. They haven’t corrected the images ( I would have thought that a trivial thing to do). There is a sort of sea sickness effect setting in after a while. I will probably try it till it runs out and leave it at that. Hopefully we will be approaching an end game and I will zwift it till I can get back out.