Tacx Neo2T/Powermatch/Stages Left PM finding

Only really applicable to riders with an imbalance that favours the right leg.

I have been using a combo of left only Stages and Dual sided Specialized power cranks whilst riding/racing outdoors and have always had an approx 46-54 split in leg power. I decided to use Powermatch when on the Turbo (Tacx Neo2T with left only Stages) and have been doing so for a couple of weeks.

I’m really liking Powermatch but have found that I have to really concentrate on left leg power to match what Powermatch wants (due to left only power)

This had had the effect of smoothing out my cadence and helping me apply power more efficiently with both legs, I can already feel greater endurance and strength in my left leg, it seems my left side is (or was) lazy and was relying on the right side to make up the numbers.

Left always used to catch up when under maximum effort but would drop on sustained Sweetspot type efforts, so I’m happy I’ve found this out as it gives me time now to train out this inefficiency during lockdown.

Anyone else had any similar experience?

Just me then😀